15 Poor Souls Who Received Their Food Takeout Orders With A Big Disappointment On The Side

Food is holy. Food is the blessing of God. Maybe that's why people pray to God before having a meal? Joke aside, I am not religious by any means. For me, I enjoy food just because it makes me happy and silences my growling stomach. Still, even though I have no particular gratitude to God when I receive my food, anyone or anything that spoils my meal is indeed unholy.
I would love to make food for myself whenever I can. It's not that I don't like food cooked by other people; cooking is my way to relax. However, sometimes I still order food takeout. That's when I'm exhausted to do anything. But you know, when you count your fate on someone else, it feels so nervous.
"How long till it arrives? Will it taste good?" Your concerns are exactly how your order could go wrong. Let's be prepared because even when you're holding your package in your hands, it still can slip away.
Think about it. Your takeout order not being handled properly would be your worst nightmare. Imagine the sumptuous and delicious meals you're looking forward to can quickly turn into an unappetizing disaster. What a bad day it is!

#1 The best sushi in town comes with a living worm

Source: LonelyMustard

The fault does not always fall on the restaurant even though they are the main culprit, most of the time. They can be overly neglectful with your order to the point that you may doubt if they deliver the wrong dishes. They can give you extra when you ask for none, and vice versa. How evil! Intentionally or not, they make customers frustrated and speechless every time.

#2 An extra ingredient you'd rather not have

Source: juneseyeball

#3 Coffee in a bag

Source: merrell0

Not just that. It's still a long way till your order arrives at your front door. Maybe, food delivery drivers can't necessarily maintain the best temperature for the items they're delivering. Or, who knows if they take a sip from your coffee? Or maybe, your order is a few onion rings short because the driver has sneakily stolen them? Well, food safety is definitely a thing.
Today, we'd like you to look at these takeout fails, as shared on the subreddits r/mildlyinfuriating and r/Wellthatsucks/. Be sure to reach the end of this post!

#4 This appetizer will make you sad

Source: Reddit

#5 A burger that's not worth the money and the trouble

Source: Pro007er

Yes, that one hamburger will kill your appetite within seconds. Two dry buns and a piece of meat, slap together and they call this a hamburger? How sad. Anyone who receives this would definitely never order from this restaurant again!

#6 Is this pizza or a neoclassical style painting?

Source: mitchell_bu

#7 Chinese food with blue ink toppings

Source: ThaiJohnnyDepp

Everything is just fine until they put that note INSIDE the rice box. Why did they even do that? Was there no option to place it on top of the box or anywhere else? Well, maybe ink topping is edible? I really don't want to risk...

#8 Taking a photo as a way to say goodbye to the dinner

Source: eager_sleeper

#9 Customer tries something new, ends up disappointed

Source: bigken79

#10 This person was looking forward to eating lunch from his favorite restaurant until the car in front of them hit the brakes

Source: poohonhead

#11 Were the staff playing and betting while they prepared the food?

Source: IndyMazzy

#12 DoorDash driver made the customer put all the food together just to throw everything away

Source: Jay_Ferg

#13 This person did not expect that the bumpy ride would result in this

Source: JohnnyBoyandKiller

#14 Manicotti with a twist

Source: meowlinda

#15 That is one scary-looking mashed potato

Source: richardrichard190

It's hard to make your dream come true, but it's easy to turn it into a nightmare. Looking at these people's situations, we can only feel the relief because it's not us. Luckily, we are not that...ill-fated. Just like when we order anything online, ordering food is also a gambling game. We can either win the biggest prize or lose everything to the abyss.
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