See The Cast Of “Enchanted” After 15 Years Of Its Release

Enchanted” (2007) is a wonderful spoof on the classic Disney fairy tale story that mixes animation with live-action. The movie is about the beautiful princess Giselle who is banished by evil Queen Narissa from her magical animated land and transported to the real-world setting of New York. There, she meets and falls in love with a handsome prince. Since the film was released, it was critically well-received and earned more than $340 million worldwide at the box office.
After being shelved for over a decade, its sequel, “Disenchanted”, is finally set to premiere this 2022. Fans expect to see the cats from the previous film and wonder where they have been around over the past 15 years. Keep scrolling down to see them.

#1 Amy Adams as Giselle

cast of “enchanted”Source: © Enchanted / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection/East News

Amy Adams got a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Giselle in “Enchanted”. Since the success of the movie, Amy has starred in notable films like “American Hustle”, “Big Eyes, “Arrival”, etc. Amy and many of her co-stars will be reuniting for the highly-anticipated “Enchanted: Disenchanted”.

#2 Patrick Dempsey as Robert Philip

cast of “enchanted”- 1Source:© Enchanted / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© patrickdempsey / Instagram

Patrick Dempsey was already considered one of the greatest leading men in Hollywood. After starting in “Enchanted”, he went on to do multiple roles in the films such as, Made of Honor, Valentine's Day, Flypaper, Freedom Writers (2007), and Bridget Jones's Baby. In January 2021, Dempsey announced that he would reprise his role in the Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted, which will be released on Disney+ in late 2022.

#3 James Marsden as Prince Edward

Source: © Enchanted / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© james_marsden / Instagram

James Marsden has been active in the film industry since his role in ‘Enchanted”. Marsden starred in a range of independent films such as “Small Apartments”, “Bachelorette”, and “Robot & Frank”. He later returned to television guest-starring in Modern Family. In 2022, he will return to television in the Disney+ sequel “Disenchanted” and “Dead to Me”.

#4 Timothy Spall as Nathaniel, The Cast Of “Enchanted” After 15 Years Of Its Release

Source: © Enchanted / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© Spencer / FilmNation Entertainment and co-producers

Before starring in “Enchanted”, Timothy Spall won multiple awards in his native United Kingdom. His role as Nathaniel in “Enchanted” confirmed his acting ability again. He teamed with Christian Bale in “The Pale Blue Eye” which will release this year.

#5 Idina Menzel as Nancy Tremaine

Source: © Enchanted / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© idinamenzel / Instagram

In “Enchanted”, Idina Menzel was in the role of Robert’s formal girlfriend. After the movie, she voiced Elsa for the movie “Frozen” and it earned her a Grammy. She will come back in the sequel to Enchanted as Giselle's rival.

#6 Susan Sarandon as Queen Narissa

Source: © Enchanted / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© Monarch / Fox Entertainment and co-producers

Susan Sarandon is a talented actress who received numerous accolades, including an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, a SAG Award, and a lot of nominations. In 2007, Susan Sarandon portrayed the main villain, the Evil Queen of fairy tales. After that, she has not stopped acting.

#7 Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Ethan Banks

Source: © Enchanted / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© IsiahWhitlockJr / Twitter

After the success of “Enchanted”, Isiah Whitlock Jr. continued to appear in many films and TV series. Although he just received small roles, he’s always been praised by critics and audiences. In 2022, we can hear his voice in the animated “Lightyear” film.

#8 Tonya Pinkins as Phoebe Banks

Source: © Enchanted / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© Women of the Movement / Westbrook Studios and co-producers

Tonya Pinkins was in the role of Ethan’s wife in “Enchanted”. In 2021, she made her directorial debut in Red Pill and is already planning her second film, The Zombie Wedding. She also won the Best Black Lives Matter Feature and Best First Feature at The Mykonos International Film Festival and was nominated for awards in numerous festivals around the globe.

#9 Tibor Feldman as Henry, The Cast Of “Enchanted” After 15 Years Of Its Release

Source:© Enchanted / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© About a Teacher / Hanan Harchol Productions and co-producers

After “Enchanted”, Tibor Feldman is still active in acting. He starred in many movies such as “Goyband”, “The Ministers”, “Trophy Kids” and so on. In 2022, fans can see him in “Good Egg”, an independent film about in vitro fertilization.

#10 Marilyn Sue Perry as Bus driver, The Cast Of “Enchanted” After 15 Years Of Its Release

Source: © Enchanted / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers© Good Girls / Universal Television and co-producers

Marilyn Sue Perry was known for her role as the bus driver in “Enchanted”. Since the release of the movie, she is still acting. She starred in many films such as “Void”, “The Least Among You”, and “Stand Down Soldier”. We last saw her in 2020 in the series “Good Girls”.
See The Cast Of “Enchanted” After 15 Years Of Its Release.
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