Crazy Fashion Show Outfits To Prove Why Not Everyone Should Follow Trends

As a designer, what is your greatest desire? Perhaps, it's your designs to be known and recognized by the public. Every designer dreams of the day when their hard work pays off and helps them become a household name. It's not easy, indeed. Success in the design field requires more than just effort. It's the combination of hard work, talent, and a little bit of luck. Why luck here? Yes, if you're lucky enough to start a new trend with your designs, your name will be world-renowned within days, especially if you're a fashion designer.
Fashion is a competitive industry. If your products are not unique, not high-quality, or don't have anything to make them stand out, they'll be eliminated from the market. So, all designers are willing to go to great lengths to make their ideas noticed and appreciated by the public. Still, how far is too far from the ordinary? Many outfit designs have made it to the fashion show's runway. And many of them have caught the eyes of audiences and successfully been sold. But it's not all of them.

#1 Moscino, spring-summer 2019

Source: schfess

Many fashionistas, inspired by fresh trends, manage to introduce truly unusual outfits into everyday life. Perhaps, they do it in the hope of creating a breakthrough in the fashion industry, but to no avail. Even though we audiences are always fascinated by unusual things, designers better keep the weirdness of their designs within limits. How much weirdness is too much? Well, their creative minds know no limits, so the thing here is not to overdo it.

#2 Alessandro Trincone, winter collection 2019

Source: AndiEwington

#3 Fredrik Tjærandsen, fashion show at Central Saint Martins 2019

Source: ichcitypretty

Looking at this picture and all I can think of is that the designer must have been dreaming about a summer vacation while making the outfit. Isn't it a rubber swim/diving suit with two additional buoys? Well, if it's true, I would love to wear this on my next trip to the beach, especially if the beach is crowded. This will keep people out of my way with much less effort, how cool!

#4 Valentino fashion collection 2019

Source: thearchivists1

#5 Matty Bovan, spring-summer 2020 collection

Source: Meappropriate

This outfit looks neat if it's not for that WTF in front of her face. That thing looks like a sheet of transparent plastic which allows the model to see ahead, but it's not anything eye-pleasing. The sheet bends light and distorts the face if you look at the model from the front. And yeah, it's such a weirdly disturbing image to see, indeed.

#6 Mary Katrantzou, spring-summer 2020 collection

Source: hautelemess

#7 Thom Browne Spring 2020 Collection

Source: AndiEwington

#8 Chalayan, spring-summer 2020 collection


#9 Noir Kei Ninomiya Spring 2020 Collection

Source: Vogue

#10 Noir Kei Ninomiya Spring 2020 Fashion Show

Source: Vogue

#11 Area Fall Fall 2020 Collection

Source: TheFashion Court

#12 Richard Quinn 2020 Collection

Source: vogue

#13 Act N°1 Milan Fashion Week Winter 2022

Source: Estrop

#14 GCDS Milan Fashion Show Winter 2022

Source: Estrop

#15 Walter Van Beirendonck Spring 2020 Collection

Source: l_patrizia

#16 Walter Van Beirendonck casual fashion show 2020

Source: vogue

#17 Daniel Roseberry, spring-summer 2022 collection

Source: ayerhsmagazine

#18 Daniel Roseberry Spring/Summer Show 2022

Source: ayerhsmagazine

#19 Glenn Martens fashion show 2022

Source: Schiaparell

Without any new element, a fashion designer would hardly survive in the industry. Still, there is a fine line between new, exotic, and weird, ridiculous. And we believe that after seeing these pics above, you've got the point. Fairly to say, these outfits are just so otherworldly that we cannot perceive the meaning or inspiration behind them. Do you have any idea? What's more, we don't think that anyone would ever buy these and wear designs. Still, maybe people would like to have something a bit more interesting for this Halloween, then these outfits could be quite a good choice.
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