10 Spoiled Little Brats Who Couldn't Be More Entitled

The more our civilization advances, the more people appreciate themselves. Yes, we are now aware of what we're worth and what we deserve and stand up to protect our rights. No more are the days when we were afraid of giving opinions. No more are the days when people lived under the suppression of tyrants. No more are the hopeless days when we had no rights and nothing to protect ourselves.
That's such an advance. That's how the world's supposed to become. All people are now clear about what they can and cannot do. Now that there are law and order to put everything in a frame. Still, it takes time for us all to become aware of our values and position in this society. And for sure, many get lost in the process. And, are you curious to know where they end up?

#1 Oh, were you sad?

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With self-awareness raised, people now understand their position in society much better than they did in the past. But, some misconceptions can ruin everything. We bet that you're familiar with the term 'entitled people.' They are the ones who think they are above all others and deserve some particular privileges. They have that thought and act accordingly while in reality, they have absolutely nothing to be treated like that.
Well, Karen would make a fine example, but this post today is not about them. Do you know who is the most tough-headed? Kids! Who is the most selfish? Also kids! They are mean, indeed. And they act irrationally in all instances, with or without their parents watching. Somehow, they have a lock on entitled behaviors. It's easy to see teenagers act like jerks in public, spitting cursed words and demanding, ordering others to please them.

#2 My jaw is on the floor

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Even though many factors contribute to some kids being entitled brats, parenting is probably the most important. Parents, naturally, love their children, but how they express that love can either make their children good future citizens or absolute a$$holes. Spoiled kids are by all means obnoxious to encounter. They will not want to meet them in public or, even worse, have them in your class. The only correct way to deal with those little brats is to crush their ego and attitude altogether, helping them realize that the world doesn't revolve around them.

#3 That man is a hero

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#4 Maybe call the police

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#5 What a little psychopath

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#6 A sick hobby, for sure

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#7 It’s definitely not your parents

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#8 You don’t even need to ask

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#9 Five televisions, y’all

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Have you ever met such entitled kids like these? If yes, have you done anything to give them a reality check? It would be lovely to see their egos and fantasies about their importance get blown up on their faces. Fairly to say, the future of this world depends on them, the younger generation. We cannot let them be like that. We need to do something to change those minds and guide them to the right path. There is still time, so don't give up just yet.
So, how do you feel after reading all these? Absurd? Unbelievable? Yes, they are. We cannot deny the truth that kids can be total a$$holes at times. If you like this post, don't hesitate to share it with your friends, and don't forget to follow our page for more articles like this.
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