18 Painfully Entitled People Who Made The Naughty List This Year

There are no such things that can be as entertaining as watching entitled shitheads getting shut down. We enjoy it when some people think they're more important than others and act accordingly. How absurd. How ridiculous. Other people don't even bother calling them out. Let them be the jokers, and we will sit back to watch the show. That's the only correct way to deal with entitlement.
No matter how old this is (old but gold indeed), people always ask for more of that amusement from entitled people. So today, we're glad to bring you this article about 18 people who made their name on the Naughty List this year. We hope that you will have a good time reading this article just like we do. Let's scroll down and check it out. And don't hesitate to share this with your friends if you want to.

#1 She wants a trip to Australia

Source: TheLatinGerman

#2 Someone claimed that their Christmas was ruined because there was no whippedcream on their hot chocolate

Source: BeckyH1814

#3 Plain ridiculous

Source: Mostafa12890

#4 You're no fun

Source: jvcrump

#5 Angry over Christmas cookie colors

Source: supperoni

#6 No free turkey = no more happiness

Source: buttwalk

#7 Oops

Source: rubadud_stud

#8 Thinking Kwanzaa and Christmas are the same thing

Source: Reddit

#9 Woman's holidays are ruined because of chemtrails in the sky for some reason

Source: JadedAyr

#10 Facebook post in response to a mother causing a scene during a Christmas event

Source: Im_not_batman_you_R

#11 There's no age limit to buy a PS5

Source: Toxortheprotogen

#12 Well, it's beyond offensive to say such a thing

Source: ohaii

#13 Neighbor demands house take down their Christmas decorations or else they will be fined, they respond with a hilarious and wholesome gofundme

Source: depressed_popoto

#14 This woman wants to fire fast-food employees during the holidays because they made more sales than they thought

Source: Left0fcenterr

#15 That's at least a little offensive

Source: Saultee101

#16 Who even does this?

Source: DaifukuSakuraMochi

#17 Go hang up your own Christmas lights if it matters so much

Source: HillaB

#18 Imagine being this pressed about Black Friday

Source: Kali_Yuga_

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