Now That's Something You Don't See Everyday!

I love to go out and explore the world. It's believed that we all have the heart of an adventurer within us, always excited to discover new things. Yes, that's one way to get rid of the tension and pressure of life temporarily. We have made this post that contains pictures of odd things you probably haven't seen before for that exact purpose. Feel excited yet?
Here, have you ever heard of double toenails? An inherited genetic trait makes your toenails look like 2 in 1. And no, it's not because you dropped something on your toenail when you were a child and made it split into two permanently, so don't worry. We have made a list that may inspire you to say "Cool! I don't think I've ever seen it before." And if you find this post interesting, don't hesitate to share it with your friends.

#1 A buddy of mine has a double big toe

Source: Reddit

#2 An oddly-shaped strawberry

Source: DecebalPerScorilo

#3 Today’s solar eclipse we saw at sunset resembled a giant cat’s head

Source: New-Baby5471

#4 This golden plover baby bird perfectly camouflages itself as moss

Source: Camilo_Carneiro

#5 I see your extra toe and raise you my extra thumb

Source: TheJereBear

#6 I have heterochromia

Source: HenloStinkyBirb

#7 I was born with hair

Source: BexRani

#8 Lake Hillier in Australia has a vibrant, bubblegum pink color

Source: Kurioziteti123 / Wikimedia Commons

#9 I was born with only 3 fingers on each hand. With the power of modern medicine, I was able to get another finger on each hand

Source: ibelievein1978***changedhismindaboutbl***people

#10 This caterpillar looks like it has tiny penguins on its back

Source: R7PR

#11 My dad took this picture of 2 moose sharing a sweet kiss while camping in Alaska

Source: trianglefacerage

#12 I won the mutational toe-thumb lottery (localized gigantism)

Source: TimDuncanIsInnocent

#13 Midas, a perfectly healthy cat, was born with 4 ears

Source: midas_x24

#14 This apple has an apple growing out of it

Source: HeavyMich

#15 This is a crested pineapple. This is a condition you might be more familiar with in cacti, but it’s possible in many plants

Source: Donttalktome4

#16 A glasswing butterfly I saw today while hiking

Source: Mikkee19

#17 A lizard growing another foot on its tail

Source: NegativeCreep12

#18 A remarkable example of a condition called polydactyly

Source: simpletonsavant

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