Brain Freeze Moments When People Forgot Words, And We're Rolling On The Floor Hearing The Alternatives

"Wait, wait, what just happened? I can't think!" Yup, brain freeze, it's real. Just like when the water freezes, when we have a brain freeze, our thoughts get stuck in memory drawers. Sometimes, we experience familiar things that we remember. However, we cannot recall what they are, precisely. Similarly, when we are in a conversation, it suddenly slips our minds. Some words just disappear from our memory!
Well, imagine, you want some milk for your coffee but silly you forget the word 'milk' so you have to use an alternative. Hesitated for a moment, "you know, like cow juice?" you say. That embarrassment can turn anyone into a hot red tomato. People are sharing moments like this when they forget what the word is. And we have to admit that we could not stop laughing and crying because they're all too hilarious. Keep on reading and enjoy the time with us.

#1 I love the second one, too!

Source: beavis_grande

#2 Cow juice? Here you go

Source: GarethLuTheryn

#3 Yeah…that’s what I meant

Source: nadis_subdued

#4 You’re gasping

Source: ArielBChapman

#5 It's cute, and makes sense to me

Source: ovoojavar25

#6 Ouch! Double whammy!

Source: kari_206native

#7 One of those rain thing?

Source: mikusimpie

#8 I’d like a REALLY wet salad

Source: wesleymallin

#9 You had baby brain

Source: fisty

#10 Like fireworks?

Source: paulcoxon

#11 At least it sounded good

Source: DrSueOosthuizen

#12 Nice word

Source: danbarrett6

#13 Now that sounds extra sweet

Source: knutenator

#14 Curious to know about your research

Source: Yaminatori

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