These 20 Posts May Have Infuriated Us Too Much This Week

Is it me, or dealing with bigger matters is easier than smaller ones? Even though big things are indeed more emotionally damaging, minor irritants are just too annoyingly tiring for people to handle. Yes, it's true. Imagine, when you're about to make your morning coffee, you open the box and realize it's all empty. Well, no coffee this morning. Or when it starts raining when you've just checked out from the supermarket. Things like that just make people gloomy the whole day.
And here, we have MildlyInfuriating to really hit that nerve. Admittedly, we're all a little bit twisted as we love to see frustration-inducing things like the ones in this list below. They are some of the most gently enraging moments people may encounter during the day. Now, let's scroll down for those mildly bitter tastes of life.

#1 Not really waterproof anymore

Source: ReligiousPornstar

#2 Thanks, kid

Source: Honeycombz99

#3 Pure chaos

Source: Tachlush

#4 I also hate this person

Source: dubbs4president

#5 Well… she loves you?

Source: mikeyymikey

#6 Nope. Jerks.

Source: epicgaming038

#7 Oh god, this was INFURIATING during the pandemic

Source: SunflowerRainfall

#8 I– what

Source: Teacher_Agitated

#9 Lies!

Source: Lonely_Is_The_Night

#10 Disgusting

Source: GhostHashtag

#11 This was always a nightmare. An elementary school nightmare

Source: daweedhh

#12 My dog's vet put him on a restricted diet because he's older. My wife keeps giving him meat and sneaking it into the food I make for him

Source: Yosho2k

#13 Worst orange

Source: gamble87

#14 Damn it

Source: Answerer_1

#15 Whyyyyy?

Source: Pat_rice_angelfan

#16 Task Rabbit sucks

Source: SugarsBoogers

#17 Thanks for the reminder

Source: ranqr

#18 Holy — what now?

Source: krolladi

#19 This a-hole teacher

Source: DimitriTooProBro

#20 No, just no

Source: Shaneblaster

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