Needlessly Mean & Gendered Parenting Signs Spark Needlessly Extra Response

Raising a child to become a good person may be way more difficult than you think. Of course, a child has their own life, two. However, in the first eighteen years (or maybe several years after that), parents opt to think that their child can not yet decide the way to live. Most parents have their unwavering set of ideas about how their child should be, regardless of the child's will. This is not normal in any way, yet so prevalent among parents.
Recently, a viral tweet fromĀ @mattxiv showed a collection of parenting signs with deranged-looking messages on sale at an unnamed store. The tweet sparked a huge debate online as the signs featured talked ridiculously about genders. And we don't think these parenting signs are in any way of help to people.

#1 Two of those signs offer questionable definitions of "girl" and "boy," together with another sign that has the most absurd declaration in the world

Source: mattxiv

#2 So, this's the simple interpretation from those signs

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#3 Or maybe, their intention was to say this?

Source: babysappho_

#4 Categories to live by

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#7 This gives me strange vibes

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#8 Nothing warms the old heart like a dysfunctional parent-child relationship

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#9 "Always hope for the best?" "No"

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#10 Can't get it

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#11 The other way around

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#12 No better explaination

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#14 The only place it suits

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