These Techs Definitely Deserve A Raise For What They Have To Deal With At Work

It's great that you can apply the knowledge you've learned at school in your future job. But, in reality, when you actually get a job and work to earn money, there're so many things that you need to figure out yourself. Imagine you're a car mechanic, and now that you need to catch a snake from inside of a car. No books or training have you prepared for things like this. Still, things happen, and we need to adapt and survive.
Well, it turns out that understanding the machine is not always the hardest part of working as a mechanic. Seriously, for all the trivial, unrelated tasks they have to do while "changing the oil" or "inspecting the brake," they deserve a raise. Like the poor techs in this post, they have probably cried so hard seeing these horrendous things at their job. Keep up the good work, folks. Good things will eventually happen to good people.

#1 Customer states: Hissing and rattling noise from under the hood. Sure thing!

Source: Ridethepig101

#2 This car that came with a sassy note giving specific instructions

Source: TheAznAssassinX

#3 My brother is an advisor at a Honda dealer. Just texted me this…

Source: Responsible-Algae-16

#4 Customer is emailing/calling to find out why their windows & doors are open…. While the car is in service at a Mercedes Dealer

Source: ItsAlecito

#5 This person who brought their car in and left behind bottles that seem to indicate they do some drinking while driving

Source: 1_rngeesus_1

#6 Hood opens. Hood is laid down immediately. Tech exclaims "Oh HELL NO"

Source: Lotus496

#7 I work at a Kia dealership that used to offer a 10-year unlimited mile warranty. this 2012 Kia Sorento finally had its warranty expire after 203 oil changes, 20 transmission flushes, 10 years, 9 engines, and 4 transmissions the warranty finally expired and the owner traded it in

Source: 600-shot-of-autism

#8 I don't even ask anymore

Source: Mrfrunzi1

#9 Tech states “I’m not getting in that car, you can’t make me”

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#10 We share the road with these people

Source: iseewutudid_thur

#11 Absolutely nowhere else to mount your phone holder?

Source: SeventyB

#12 Time to buy a lottery ticket

Source: M3rsh

#13 In response to the pistol and shotgun pictures from earlier. Just an oil change, please…

Source: throwaway7439gfw

#14 Ah yes the classic ram air exhaust

Source: KiloLee

#15 Car comes in for an oil change smelling like gasoline and burning. Customer says she got a new engine put in out of town

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#16 Customer did his own brakes and jacked his car up by the rear tie rod. He did that to both sides

Source: EnvironmentalCar8395

#17 This person who dropped off their car and forgot their gun near the gas pedal

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#18 C/S she hears a flapping noise coming from the driver's side

Source: itchd

#19 Customer states rear-end impact. Requests that we don’t total the vehicle and that it is repaired to like-new condition for $1500 or less...

Source: downsouthjeeper

#20 Customer "my car's heat isn't working"


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