17 Weirdest And Most Hilarious Questions You've Seen Owners Have For Their Cats

If you've had a cat or known any of them, you'll see that cats are mysterious creatures. The way they act and behave shows us that they have their world which we are just privileged enough to live in. They live their own rules and often don't care if it is something we don't like or feel uncomfortable with. They just do what they like and act what they think. But that's what we love them for.
As cat owners, you have more than once wanted to ask your felines a question since there are several things we don't know about the cat's world. Would you like to know why they love boxes that much, or why they think it's necessary to run up and down the stairs at 3 A.M? These people wonder the same things!
Let's scroll down to see seventeen people sharing the most hilarious questions they would like to ask their feline friends. If you love this post, please give it a like and share.


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