Cringe-Worthy Stories From Subreddit "That Happened" That Definitely Did Not Happen

So maybe, just maybe, you don't feel the need to post anything on your social media to draw others' attention. That's really good for you. Many people cannot be satisfied with what they have in life. So they turn to social media platforms and spread lies to make themselves more desirable. Human beings crave attention, or at least most of them do. And what could be easier than making up stories boasting about ourselves to get that attention?
Well, on Reddit, there's an entire sub called r/ThatHappened dedicated to ludicrous stories that definitely did not happen. People made such posts hoping to become well-known, and yes, they did. Now that the whole internet knows that those people are desperate, stupid liars that crave attention. And what to do when people encounter such addicts? Shame them! Definitely!

#1 Damn he's only 2 years old

Source: Gonnagrapeyou

#2 Grandma must be blind

Source: Professional-Deal406

#3 And all vampires clapped...

Source: InsaneGamer18

#4 Then the entire high school clapped....

Source: alipooley

#5 Because adult men buying children's toys is out of the ordinary

Source: darkclaw891

#6 And then he woke up from his dream, just as it was getting good

Source: maryhallie

#7 The young man later won a lifetime supply of salt from Jesus himself

Source: PhattestSalad

#8 Another proud parent

Source: Brute_Squad_44

#9 It happened, I was the fan

Source: TheBoringCheese

#10 The comment section on the Backstreet Boys video

Source: Scoobyboodude

#11 Professor is not qualified for his job

Source: ShowMeYourSheeps

#12 It’s true, I was the bottle

Source: michaellstella

#13 Future Prime Minister

Source: reddit

#14 Happened the other day in one of my fountain pen groups. Literally, no one called BS. I am disappoint

Source: Jester337

#15 And then all the kindergarteners clapped

Source: wheresthelambsaucems

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