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26 Times People Did Stupid Things And Got Caught By The Internet

Admit it or not, we all have our moments. Have you ever bumped your head into a glass wall thinking it’s a door? Or like when you randomly forget the names of your kitchen utensils. Well, we hope that we can keep such moments to ourselves. However, in today’s time and age, if you do something stupid, then your face, together with the silly thing you did, will appear on various social media platforms within hours.

That’s somewhat scary indeed. It makes people more cautious about each of their words and actions. Still, once in a while we catch people doing such stupid things and getting shamed for their ignorance. Here, we hope that our latest collection of human stupidity will give you a good laugh for the day. Let’s scroll down and check it out with us.

#1 This just made me laugh, thought I would share

Source: ashstfu

#2 Great way to describe it

Source: jessalyn

#3 So silly tho

Source: mhdksafa

#4 I bet that somewhere, somehow, there’s a Karen working in retail…

Source: BIkMamba

#5 Lauren Boebert does not belong in Congress; this level of stupidity is scary

Source: laurenboebert,SevWinters


Source: StephenKing,3yearletterman

#7 Uh oh, been watching the wrong NBA

Source: Suitable-Recording95

#8 Not a true Catholic

Source: WarmmLemmon

#9 Karma’s a b***h

Source: Bingbon02415540

#10 You know… the other Maria Carey

Source: i_Lean

#11 *facepalm*

Source: rosshowalter

#12 People can be realy realy stupid sometimes

Source: tieshatwo

#13 That’s 40 minutes you will never get back lol

Source: lemonsarethekey

#14 Was at my kid’s school for a costume parade. One Dad misunderstood in the best way possible

Source: MrNoodleIncident

#15 Wha- I- uh-. I can’t even deal with people like this

Source: linguotgr

#16 Unpopular opinion? More like pure idocy

Source: benshapiro,ArgumentsValid

#17 Concerned citizen

Source: JustinAHorwitz

#18 Incredible

Source: jxmesmxckey

#19 I would. Mansplaining there

Source: ByGollyMolly12

#20 Who would’ve thought

Source: shakespork

#21 House of Lords

Source: thebusiestbee2

#22 Just wait till they hear about all the Spanish aunties called Tia

Source: SimbaKi_

#23 The wrong people have money

Source: nataleebfitness

#24 The bigger question is…

Source: alawiabdul

#25 How can they be so clueless?

Source: jemelehill

#26 FATHER and SON! Lmao she is very mistaken

Source: sharon9052

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