"Horrible Management": People Share The Most Humiliating Way Someone Has Ever Been Fired

Maybe they both mean that someone will no longer work a job, but getting fired and quitting a job are two opposite ends of a stick. If someone decides to leave, they are in the position to feel free and confident in themselves. They walk out with the belief that the future path will be brighter. On the other hand, getting fired is a hell of a frustration. It leaves people feeling rejected, embarrassed, and lost. Overall, it's plain terrible.
Getting fired from a job is none of a fun thing to experience. Even worse, some people not only lose their job after such announcements, but they also lose their dignity. People are sharing the most humiliating way they have seen someone getting fired, and it's just unimaginably infuriating. There are no such things as humane thoughts or emotions in that management. Now that we understand why management always sucks.


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