Laugh Your Head Off With 14 Tweets Showing How Wild It Is To Live With Cats

Do you agree that life with cats can be wild? Well, hold on... I don't mean anything negative about it though. Living with cats is actually so much fun that people will advise you to have one of your own as a way to refresh your life. It's like you having a companion with whom you can share stories every day, and cuddle when you are tired or sad. Whether you are having a good or bad day, your cats are always there to provide you with their support.
Living with cats, however, can have the downsides as well. Some days, you'll find it difficult to understand your cats. Moreover, these animals often do what they like and live their own world, so you need to be tolerant and patient enough to handle them. In a blink of an eye, your beloved feline can go from innocent-playful-baby to batshit crazy. If you have ever owned a cat, you'll understand what we're saying. If you haven't, here are fourteen posts on Twitter that show you how wild it is to live with cats. Let's check them out!

#1 Let's look up and down

Source: granolagoth_

#2 It's important to organize an effective storage system

Source: AlsBoy

#3 OMG I can't stop looking at this cat

Source: clapifyoulikeme


#5 "You're welcome"

Source: bedsafely

#6 Cat: "How much do I weigh, hooman?"

Source: fr0gan

#7 "You deserve all the worst"

Source: MrBenLHall


Source: tastefactory

#9 Good cat!

Source: focra

#10 "I love you..." wait... but not at this moment!

Source: chadjamian

#11 LMAO

Source: Lynn_Coady

#12 That's funny HAHA

Source: thoughtthief111

#13 Hopefully, you can deal with it well

Source: xiomara_gomez18

#14 Took him down, right away!

Source: jennastoya

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