Man Shares He Steals Roommate's Cat For Nightly Cuddles, And The Replies Are Hilarious

When you buy a cat, it's not you but the cat that will decide whether it accepts you or not. Cats give most of their affection and sweetness to the person they want to be with. Therefore, it is advised that owners spend as much time as possible with their pets so they don't feel lonely and seek comfort from someone else.
Imagine this! If you woke up in the morning and saw your cat give all the cuddles and affection to your roommate instead of you, what would you feel? Don't be afraid to confess your jealousy! That's normal human feelings.
So, when a man realized that his cat was not giving him any affection, he started feeling sad and complaining about that. It turned out that the feline was giving all his cuddly with his roommate. The owner just thought his cat was going out during the night and didn't come back the next morning. Hardly did he know that his cat was spending the night with his roommate.
But, how can we know that? Well, because the roommate, user @fesshole, told us on Twitter. In his post, he shared that the cat that wasn't his has been sleeping with him every night giving him sweet cuddles instead of her owner.


Source: fesshole

The Tweet became the center of the Internet right after it was shared. People loved this cat's cute behavior, and their comments were hilarious. Scroll down to see the replies.


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