Hilarious Collection of Cats Going Crazy For Catnip

Catnip refers to a herb that comes from the mint family and sounds very attractive to cats. What is more special about this herb is that it can extract natural oil which makes cats go nut when they sniff or lick it. Therefore, catnip, as known as Meowijuana, is often loved by kitties and cats, because it makes them feel high.
While we humans occasionally have day-offs to relax and enjoy the beauty of life, cats should also have an equal chance to enjoy their own euphoria. It's always interesting to see your felines get high on catnip and do the craziest things they've ever done. Some cats become super active, and some become as lazy as you can ever imagine, but these sights are hilarious to witness. It is unknown whether catnip has an effect on your feline's health, but it certainly brings your cats to another world.
Do you wonder what cats will do after dosing on catnip? The following are thirteen moments captured by owners who see their cats going crazy during Meowijuana. Scroll down to check them out.

#1 OMG that's horrible

Source: Wendy Brown

#2 Scary HAHA

Source: Susan Carter Emerson

#3 Is he trying to hide the reality?

Source: Crystal Newton

#4 "What are you looking at hooman?"

Source: Christa Limone

#5 Hmmm

Source: Christina Jones

#6 Happy MEOWIJUANA day kitty!

Source: Bridget Krawcheck

#7 That's funny!

Source: Linda LaBeau

#8 He looks kind of cute

Source: Shelby Lawrence

#9 Maybe she loves the sun, but that's man made sun!

Source: Gary Beadle

#10 LMAO

Source: Justin Nicoloff

#11 What happened with him?

Source: Ross Hawes

#12 "I'm watching you"

Source: Paul Rinaudo

#13 Love this!

Source: Sarah Jeffries

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