Facebook User Asks People To Share Funniest Things They've Said To Their Pets, Here Are 30 Most Hilarious Replies

We can't deny how delightful it is to have a pet at home. A furry companion will help you get rid of the feeling of loneliness and cheer you up in the darkest times. They sometimes express cute behaviors and actions that bring joy and happiness to your usual days. For this reason, many owners say they really love to spend their time with their beloved pets. Apart from just enjoying their presence around, some owners even try talking to their pets, which is so funny at times.
Don't worry whether your pets understand your language. It is said that cats (and dogs) will always try to respond to you in their own way if they stay close enough. They might not be able to understand every single word you say, but they do have a clue of the tone and react to it accordingly.
Owners can talk to their pets about a lot of things, for example, frustration or love, which sound absolutely as funny as you can expect. A Facebook user posted a status asking people to share the most hilarious things they've ever said to their pets, and hundreds of people's stories started to roll in. We've chosen the thirty funniest comments to show you today. Hopefully, they'll make your day a lot better. Scroll down and enjoy!


Source: Marcia Lorainne

#2 "He is just sniffing your butt"

Source: Heidi M. Shields

#3 "You have squirrels at home"

Source: Renee Day

#4 LOL

Source: Kristan Gipp

#5 "Stop screaming!"

Source: Whitney Fulton

#6  Just "Hey"

Source: Amber Boggs


Source: Cheryl Twigg

#8 "Why is there pepperoni in my slippery?"

Source: Angel Lattaro

#9 Love this

Source: Anita L. Russell

#10 HAHA

Source: Paul Hudson

#11 "Is there any reason?"

Source: Jessica Wilson

#12 Ruby:

Source: Lili Schmidt

#13 "Are we all walking on mummy's boobies today?"

Source: Sara Horseman

#14 "Go ask your brother Willie what he wants"

Source: Adam Dunlap

#15 "No knives for puppies"

Source: Sara Herbst

#16 "Don't give me that look"

Source: Deidra R. Cooper

#17 "I'm not letting you out to get d!"

Source: Jeremy Bethune

#18 "Stop eating plastic!"

Source: Crystal Lewis Watford

#19 That's funny

Source: Lisa Akers

#20 "It's just a dynamite"

Source: Gail Ann Pippin

#21 "You're not bringing me joy right now"

Source: Kathleen Thompson

#22 "You with the fur"

Source: Danyka Lewis


Source: Gail Ann Pippin

#24 "Stop knocking everything off"

Source: Betsy Zeeryp-Frollo

#25 Aww sweet

Source: Susan MacDonald

#26 "You can't go out"

Source: Cindy Linstad Schmidt

#27 "Stop licking the cow and get in the truck already"

Source: Alyssa Smith

#28 "In a hurricane?"

Source: Deejay Driscoll


Source: Tara Gilbar

#30 I can't stop laughing

Source: Robin Pischel

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