The Best Posts That Show The Irish's Wonderful Life, As Shared In This Online Group

Ireland is not only famous for its beautiful, pristine landscapes but also for its friendly, generous people. For hundreds of years, people have lived in harmony with nature. And that somewhat explains the free lifestyle of the Irish. Come to this island, you can enjoy the spectacular coastal lines and also learn a lot of interesting things about the Irish's rich culture and history. And, this place is also perfect for those who enjoy the tranquility of sparsely populated land.
With only about five million people, Ireland can still make quite a mark in the world. People know about Ireland for St. Patrick, whiskey, and also the Irish sense of humor. Down below, we have gathered some of the best posts that tell exactly how the Irish are doing. Yeah, these Irish jokes always find a way to touch our tickle bones. So, read on and enjoy some good laughs with us.

#1 How beautiful

Source: dazz123d

#2 That's impressive

Source: MrWeir

#3 Sounds right

Source: step6666

#4 "Never mind"

Source: Howyanow10

#5 Gerard Hennessy and his letter to the Irish Times is undoubtedly the best thing I’ve read this year

Source: Joy-Moderator

#6 Going through my screenshots & found this gem

Source: SirDanielLevy

#7 Always look forward to a new sign from them

Source: MrShedford

#8 Makes me proud to be Irish

Source: AmazingStarDust

#9 Dunno where I stand on Kashmir but...

Source: reddit

#10 Even Mother Nature knows a United Ireland is inevitable!

Source: bobbysands81

#11 An open letter to Boris

Source: musketeer83

#12 The President’s dog, Síoda, has passed away. RIP Síoda

Source: cedardesk

#13 They invented whiskey and...

Source: trickaduu

#14 #Brexit special

Source: RobbieForkhill

#15 I painted a mural of Síoda over the last few days

Source: theoulnationalist

#16 Dublin is healing, things are returning to normal

Source: prudx

#17 Sure lookur @juliejaycomedy

Source: Miles9900

#18 I’m an artist who paints landscapes on coins, just finished this and thought I’d share

Source: bry-marie-arts

#19 I think a burn that bad might require a trip ton A+E

Source: Joy-Moderator

#20 My 90yr old Granda still insists on cooking me a birthday fry!

Source: Exploriel

#21 Love this

Source: RainyFern

#22 Construction sites in Ireland display only the most relevant info

Source: myungsunscott

#23 What a real president looks like

Source: Unrequited_Anal

#24 Burger King in Tralee gives no fcks at all

Source: DarkSkyz

#25 Applying for mortgage in a time of gouging rents...

Source: JeSuisGreg

#26 "Guinness is good for everything"

Source: KateMcLoughney

#27 The struggle is real: The indignity of trying to follow an American recipe when you’re Irish

Source: Joy-Moderator

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