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  1. #1. 7 Women And A Murder Cast & Review

7 Women And A Murder Cast And Recap, Fully Explained

Searching for 7 Women And A Murder cast and review? "7 Women And A Murder" is a story happening a few days before Christmas, and all of Marcello's relatives have gathered at the mansion that serves as the family home.
Marcello is an Italian guy who may or may not be affluent. We never actually see Marcello alive, but we hear everything about him as each of the women who live at home, including his wife, Margherita (Margherita Buy), daughter Caterina (Benedetta Porcaroli), mother-in-law Rachele (Ornella Vanoni), sister-in-law Agostina (White Lotus star Sabrina Impacciatore), and maid, Maria (Luisa Ranieri), bring his other daughter, Susanna (Diana In a short time, however, the body of Marcello, who had been stabbed to death in his bed, is discovered by his maid, Maria.

#1. 7 Women And A Murder Cast & Review

7 Women And A Murder Cast
The movie seems to take place around the middle of the 20th century, although this is never clearly established. However, based on how people dress and the automobiles that are driven, one can tell that this was an age before the invention of cell phones. Because of this, the six ladies cannot get in touch with the authorities since their phone connection has been severed and someone has tampered with their vehicle's engine.


When Veronica (Micaela Ramazzotti), who supposedly is Marcello's mistress, arrives at that time, the family's seventh member is revealed. She is a friend of the family, even though it is well-known that she has some intimate relationship with Marcello. She tells the other woman that she has just received a phone call informing her that he has been murdered, even though it is a well-known fact that this relationship exists.
The other ladies are annoyed by her presence since, in her mind, they are to blame for Marcello's untimely demise. She is trapped inside the house as the storm rages outside, but she makes herself at home among the other ladies. Since the body is still in the bed, everyone is dubious about who is telling the truth. It seems like many of the hints was placed.

7 Women And A Murder Cast

7 Women And A Murder Cast
  • Ornella Vanoni as Rachele
  • Benedetta Porcaroli as Caterina
  • Diana Del Bufalo as Susanna
  • Luisa Ranieri as Maria
  • Sabrina Impacciatore as Agostina
  • Micaela Ramazzotti as Veronica
  • Margherita Buy asĀ  Margherita
  • Luca Pastorelli as Marcello
  • Marco Rossetti as Ispettore di Polizia
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