7 Wildest Last Words From Favorite Celebrities

It seems that the final words said by a person are given a great deal of importance. It is possible that it is anticipated that they will say something really meaningful, perhaps make an apology or confess something of some kind, or all of the above.
When it comes to renowned people, it's possible that their devoted followers desire nothing more than one final memento of the celebrity to cling to. Here are 7 last words from favorite celebrities that are the most emotional.

1. Elvis Presley - “I’m going to the bathroom to read.”

Elvis Presley - “I’m going to the bathroom to read.”Source: Getty Images

The death of the King of Rock and Roll was a tragic and humiliating affair. He was only 42 when he died of a heart attack in the restroom. According to the book written by his fiancee, they were the last words Presley spoke before he was found motionless on the toilet floor.

2. Steve Jobs - “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”

Steve Jobs - “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”Source: Getty Images

Many people thought Apple's creator and digital visionary was a modern-day genius because of his groundbreaking contributions to the field. Additionally, he was widely known to be a jerk. Steve Jobs was the genius behind the iPod and the contemporary smartphone, but when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he didn't have the intelligence to listen to his physicians. He disregarded their advice and instead sought to fight cancer on his own using a combination of dietary modifications, herbal remedies, and acupuncture. At age 56, he passed away in 2011.

3. TuPac Shakur - "F**k you.”

Source: Getty Images

It appears that Tupac intended to live out his days as a mobster. One police officer has said that the deceased said these remarks just before being shot to death during a Mike Tyson bout in Las Vegas. After being kept alive for six days on artificial support, Shakur eventually passed away.

4. Gia Allemand - “Mom gets everything.”

Gia Allemand - “Mom gets everything.”Source: Getty Images

The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad star committed herself by hanging herself in 2013. She was barely 29 years old. We may presume that Allemand's suicide letter, which allegedly concluded, "Mom gets everything," was an effort at a will. The medical officials declared her dead two days after they turned off life support.

5. Princess Diana “Oh my God.”

Last words from favorite celebritiesSource: Getty Images

The death of Princess Diana remains one of the most talked-about among celebrities. In 1997, her driver lost control of the automobile while driving intoxicated and wrecked it in a Paris tunnel, killing her and her passenger. Among the initial responders was a firefighter who said Diana's final words were, "Oh, my goodness!"

6. Barry White - “Leave me alone, I’m fine.”

Last words from favorite celebritiesSource: Getty Images

Barry White had a great voice and pen, but he wasn't so hot at diagnosing illnesses. After being sent to the hospital with high blood pressure and a failing liver, White allegedly urged his staff to leave him alone. Faulty counsel. His death occurred soon after. He was 58.

7. Joe DiMaggio- “I finally get to see Marilyn.”

Last words from favorite celebritiesSource: Getty Images

While the famed Yankees batter was only wed to Marilyn Monroe for a little over a year, he was profoundly affected by her. Their 1954 marriage was short-lived, but DiMaggio's feelings for her never wavered. He made funeral preparations when she passed away in 1962 and claimed her remains. Almost 40 years after his divorce from her in 1999, Joltin' Joe's dying words were about her.
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