7 Things Actors Sacrifice To Have Incredible Outcomes

There are many things besides large incomes and the coveted Oscar that movie actors aspire to achieve in their careers. It is considerably more vital for many of them to communicate to the audience the complexity of the characters that they play than anything else. Because of this, many performers and actresses put in a significant amount of preparation before beginning filming.
The following are the things actors sacrifice to achieve worthy results.

1. Julia Garner In Inventing Anna

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Julia Garner had barely three weeks to prepare for her role as Anna Delvey before production began. Delvey's genuine accent is noticeably influenced by her time living in several different nations. The actress learned the accent her character used in such a short time.
On filming, Garner had a set of false teeth designed to make her look like Delvey. The director appreciated her initiative and ultimately went along with her plan. A huge success was achieved, as the actress's visage successfully resembled the character's.

2. Austin Butler In Elvis

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Austin Butler, who played the title role in Elvis, also pored over hours of footage. According to the actor, he felt obligated to Elvis, his family, and all of Elvis's fans to watch as many of Elvis Presley's video recordings as he could. In addition, the actor spent the better part of a year before filming, taking vocal lessons nearly every day so that his voice in the film would sound just like Elvis's.

3. Gwendoline Christie In Game of Thrones

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Gwendoline Christie was adamant about not looking like her character (tall height). In preparation for her audition, the actress underwent rigorous training and shed over 22 pounds. Christie continued to train after being cast in the role, so she put on about 13 pounds of muscle.
The actress said the most difficult part of the role was shaving her head. She freely admits that she sobbed for two hours after having all her hair shaved off. When not in character, Christie dresses and presents herself as a typical woman in a beautiful dress, complete with makeup and high heels.

4. Liu Yifei In Mulan

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According to Niki Caro, the film's director, around a thousand people tried out for the part of Mulan. In the end, Liu Yifei's lengthy audition process was not the final step. Immediately following the audition, the girl spent an hour and a half in the gym with a coach to gauge her strength and stamina. As an actress, she did a fantastic job.
The entire Mulan cast, including Yifei, attended a rigorous training program for several months before filming. According to Yifei, those daily training sessions lasted 6-7 hours and were extremely strenuous.

5. Anne Hathaway In Les Misérables

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Fantine, played by Anne Hathaway, was required to have a thin appearance throughout the film. Instead of cosmetics, the actress opted for a stringent diet to achieve the desired effect. Her significant weight loss was the outcome of her eating regimen.
Hathaway insisted that her husband returns to the United States so that she could immerse herself in the character's extreme emotional isolation. She was delighted to be in the company of someone she adored. "I love him so much that I was like, 'You're keeping me up, and I'm grasping to the sides of my life, and I need to fall into a pit, and you need to go, honey,'" she remembered.

6. Zendaya In The Greatest Showman

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Zendaya has a wide range of talents, including singing, dancing, acting, and even trapeze work, thanks to her work on "The Greatest Showman," in which she performed many of her stunts. The film's director preferred to work without stunt doubles for most of the movie's action sequences. So, Zendaya had to train in circus gymnastics before filming could begin. The actress admitted that her acrobatic stunts in the film were not simple.
She became accustomed to the height at which the equipment was positioned during training sessions. On set, however, the trapeze was higher than she was accustomed to, and there was a different form of safety insurance than she was used to. However, despite these setbacks, she could still complete the required routines.

7. Benedict Cumberbatch In The Power of the Dog

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Benedict Cumberbatch traveled to Montana before filming to fully immerse himself in the part of Phil, one of the ranch's proprietors. There, he resided with a ranching family who showed him around the state and educated him in the ways of the cowboy. Some of the skills he picked up include grazing cattle, branding them, and proper horsemanship.
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