52 Year-Old Tennant Refused To Move Out, Delaying A $70M Project, Got A $25M Lawsuit Against Him In Return

There are some points in life when people want to have a home of their own. Think about it, buying a house is never a bad decision. Fairly to say, people spend nearly one-third of their income on rental fees. Owning a house will solve a lot of problems. No more rent so you can save that money for later. No more arguments with your difficult landlord. And more importantly, your house, your rules. So you don't need to listen to anyone's complaints ever again.
Still, being able to afford such a valuable asset is easier said than done. And, of course, homeownership is possibly one of the biggest decisions a person can ever make. Just don't delay it until it's already too late. A New York man, who has been living in his rented apartment for 16 years, recently made a headline for his story.

#1 Tenant refuses to move out of his NYC apartment, delays a $70M project on his building, and gets a $25M lawsuit against him

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#2 He has been living in this apartment for 16 years now

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Last summer, the Naftali Group, a privately held global real estate development, and investment company bought the Manhattan’s Eagle Court building for $70 million and told all the tenants to skedaddle. Ahmet Nejat Ozsu, though, wasn’t ready to give it up without a fight. The 52-year-old refused to move out of his one-bedroom apartment and together with his lawyer, Adam Leitman Bailey, they’re expecting a seven-figure payout for the caused inconvenience.

#4 Mr. Ozsu is holding on tight to his home-for-16-years. And the reason was clear

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The renting price is indeed quite generous at least. This is Manhattan, and yet the rent is $3,350 a month. That's enough reason for him to refuse the $30,000 buyout offer from the Naftali group. This, leave alone a $25 million lawsuit they recently filed against him.

#5 The man said that the new landlord was bullying him by installing a security camera and a loud industrial fan

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#6 They tried to irritate him to the point that he would move out himself, but it was not going anywhere

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#7 That camera was installed in the hallway right outside his apartment. And the industrial air filter on the floor (also not far away) was constantly making a loud, irritating whirring sound

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#8 The 52-year-old specializing in software engineering was recently unemployed and owed roughly $13,600 in rent

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At the beginning of this year, Ozsu applied for an Emergency Rental Assistance Program that was created during the pandemic to make funding available to those who are unable to pay rent or utilities. If the request is approved, the man could be entitled to stay in his 700-square-foot home for at least another year.

#9 Along with his lawyer, the man expects a seven-figure payout for the caused inconvenience

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#10 People on the internet are sharing their thought on his story

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