"I Don't Even Work Here And I Quit": Company's Getting Roasted On Twitter For Their Tasteless "Welcoming" Signs

We are adapting to the new normal after the pandemic. With Covid case numbers declining and the availability of vaccines, people are now having back the day they've lost for roughly two years. Companies are now hastening their employees to go back to offices after such a long time working from home. And fairly to say, it's nothing easy. Having WFH for too long, so naturally, going back to the office is something that makes every employee feel reluctant.
Well, companies indeed know that their employees hesitate to go back, so they decided to give them a boost. Welcoming signs seem to be a good idea. However, let's take a look at how this company designs their "welcoming" signs. How to say, these signs are not really "welcoming," much less motivational. Some even consider them hate messages. Well, it looks like this company has messed up badly. People on Twitter are roasting this company's tasteless signs, and we believe that they're doing the right thing.

#1 Imagine the first day you're back to the office and you see this

Source: audrawilliams

#2 Well, people don't like these signs even a bit

Source: nkirk4homeless

#3 Is this motivational? No!

Source: ssinca95

#4 I'm triggered upon seeing this

Source: OldKingdom4Life

#5 Well, there are so so many ways to do this better, and yet...

Source: knitkitsune

#6 What's next? I'm excited to know

Source: TheGraboid

#7 This is the reason

Source: Murphdak

#8 Right, why don't straight up say "hey, fck you"

Source: lsrgk

#9 Management 101: how to piss your employees off in 3 seconds

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#10 Miss you!!

Source: telle_quelle

#11 You meant it

Source: SylviaNowak

#12 Seriously

Source: kibblesmith

#13 What else can I do

Source: hello__caitlin

#14 Okay, I quit!

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