Twitter Thread: 32 Posts Of Grievances Owners Think Their Cats Would Write On r/AITA

"Am I the A**hole" is certainly a favorite community of many Reddit users. The group describes itself as "a place people share their situations and find out if they're wrong in an argument they've been bothered about". You can also join to help OP to solve his/her situation as well.
There are a lot of stories you'll hear from this interesting Subreddit. The topics range from cats, dogs, animals, relationships to working and social problems. Some stories are juicy, while others seem to be unbelievable. We promise you'll never feel tired strolling over all the posts in this community.
But, what if cats could write something on r/AITA?
Twitter user @elle_em has come up with a brilliant idea. She asked people online to share what they think some funny AITA posts written by cats could be, and the replies were mind-blowing. We have compiled thirty-two hilarious Tweets from which people share their felines' silly and naughty behaviors as they expressed grievances on Reddit. Scroll down and enjoy!

#1 "I'm sad, mom"

Source: sosomanysarahs

#2 "AITA?"

Source: jenniferscully1

#3 "Maybe I'm really the AH"

Source: mikenealis

#4 "AITA for loving bags with handles"

Source: worldisaleaf


Source: ellle_em

#6 "AITA for being a cat who loves mug?"

Source: mrfigarocat

#7 "Did I do something wrong?"

Source: ellle_em

#8 Hmmm

Source: ellle_em

#9 "I'm sorry mom"

Source: BeeBrookshire

#10 "AITA for liking to lock all things off other things?"

Source: ellle_em

#11 "They don't even seem to appreciate this"

Source: MicroFlashFic


Source: ellle_em

#13 "AITA for getting home late?"

Source: ellle_em

#14 "AITA for asking for ham?"

Source: FrankieGoes2Cal

#15 Grrrr

Source: ellle_em

#16 "It's still wearable"

Source: Beavs

#17 "AITA for screaming?"

Source: ellle_em

#18 This naughty cat likes to scratch everything he can get his claws on

Source: ellle_em

#19 "Am I?"

Source: 1cleancat

#20 "AITA for making my human late for work?"

Source: qyuiqq

#21 "AITA for hating babies?"

Source: ellle_em


Source: ellle_em

#23 "Hello guys"

Source: whoahannahjo

#24 "AITA for making my lady jealous?"

Source: nalgona74

#25 Most people don't share their canned drinks anyway

Source: ellle_em

#26 "I don't even know why"

Source: amandadnama88

#27 "Please tell me if I'm wrong"

Source: ellle_em

#28 "Can anybody tell me why she screamed?"

Source: silencedrowns

#29 "Can I wake the baby up?"

Source: morninggloria

#30 "I just wanna help"

Source: NonProfitStef

#31 Do you think construction workers will forgive her?

Source: ellle_em

#32 "Is the bird an a**hole?"

Source: Chinchillazllla

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