"Love Is To Keep Distant": Australia Is A Beautiful Land, But People Better Love It From Afar

Australia, a continent that is the very definition of uniqueness itself, is the dreamland of many people. Its diverse landscape, beautiful nature, exotic faunas, and floras keep us all exciting to explore this land. Isolated for hundreds of millions of years, animals and plants here have evolved to be so distinctive. But, as amazing as it may sound, you probably heard that everything on this land, regardless of living or not, is designed to take away your life.
Well, the statement is clear. And we would like to confirm that it's true. Maybe they do not actively hunt you down for fun. But if given a chance, practically any animal can turn you into dead meat with a single bite. Yup, this land is scary and unforgiving. We have prepared a gallery to demonstrate just how hostile life is in this land. After watching it, you may agree that people better love Australia from a distance.

#1 Australia is famous for its abnormally big animals

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#2 So technically, whatever animals have wings can grow to the size of a pterodactyl

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#3 Some also have wings yet cannot fly, so they become land monsters

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#4 For those who are afraid of these eight-legged fellas, you better don't come here for the sake of your life

Source: ©, © imago/blickwinkel/EAST NEWS, © Jean-Paul Ferrero / /EAST NEWS, © Pezibear/

#5 They love to play hide and seek, peek-a-boo in your house

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#6 Or simply take over your place when it's their season

Source: Daniel Munoz/ Reuters

#7 Australia also has crocs, massive saltwater crocs!

Source: Toronto Star

#8 Here there are also creatures like this one

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#9 Everything is just big. These are monstrosities of horseshoe crabs!

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#10 Don't forget to check your shoe before putting it on. Maybe it's already been taken

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#11 And your car also. No where is safe

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#12 These animals are everywhere because they are not afraid of humans, but we are definitely afraid of them

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#13 Imagine opening your mailbox to this

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#14 And yes, not just animals, plants also try to beat the sh*t out of you when you're not aware

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#15 The weather here is also on another level of extremity

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#16 And here is the usual street fight in Australia. Don't get too close, as always

Source: Rodney Langham

#17 Well, hospitable Australians are a lot tougher than all others

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#18 They will not mind if someone wants to stay over for a night

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#19 If they want to eat breakfast together, that's okay

Source: Dany Boiiton

#20 Well, even sharing the bathroom is none of a problem

Source: AliAlaa12

#21 Scaremongers are just gas-lighting you. Don't believe them and travel as much as you want. Australia is a wonderland and everything is just so nice

Source: © Rick C

#22 Yes, it's true. Look at these animals. They are quokkas, the happiest animal on earth. If this land is that terrifying, how on earth do these animals live here? ;)

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