"Where Babies Come From": 19 Of Best Kid Reactions After They Learned About "Birds And Bees"

Sex education. The 3rd season of this series has already been available on Netflix. It's a pretty good TV series for teens and also adults. Yes, sex education is vitally important. It's never too soon to teach your children about this matter. When the time comes, let them know. Of course, choose your words wisely and make the conversation appropriate.
Kids are innocent. They take the matter as you tell them. However, the reaction when they first learn that babies don't just come out of nowhere, but mom and dad need to do the thing first, and then there's the baby, is epic. When meganmuircoyle started a thread about how she taught her kids about "the birds and the bees," people got in and shared their hilarious stories. Scroll down and check out various awkward and funny reactions when kids get enlightened about segg.

#1 Well, lucky you

Source: WendyGassaway


Source: meganmuircoyle

#3 Oops, shouldn't have said that

Source: JT_Richards

#4 Fun, you say?

Source: Jessi_Raine21

#5 Well, he wasn't wrong, tho

Source: ms_ginadano

#6 Lost siblings!

Source: BH_Kohn

#7 Dad can't even

Source: AnnieTook

#8 Kid knows what's up

Source: SlimSmith5

#9 The confrontation

Source: peasandkaris

#10 She gets it, somewhat...

Source: lorettasueross

#11 They get earache?!

Source: lisaboban

#12 That "eew"

Source: spottedTB

#13 OK this is precious!

Source: zumamalicious

#14 You almost had me, mom

Source: hobwas

#15 Just don't

Source: Stpolishook

#16 Kids are wild

Source: Lee_in_Iowa

#17 It's fun, to some extent

Source: Kezfromchadders

#18 *faints*

Source: ms_ginadano

#19 Uh, okay?

Source: HutchesonLaurie

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