People Tell Stories Of Their Own Pets That Prove Dogs Shouldn't Be Left To Die Alone

For years, dogs have been human's best friends. These animals don't leave your side when you need them and always try to make you laugh when you feel blue. But, it seems that they aren't being treated the way they deserve.
Records have shown that dogs are easy to be abandoned when their owners experience a traumatic event in life. Some owners dump them on the street, in the trash; those who are more careful surrender them to shelters or rescues. Dogs are loyal pets, and they may want nothing more than to have their beloved owners with them in the last breaths of their lives. However, there are still owners who leave their dogs to die alone.
A woman working as a vet staff has shown her strong disagreement with it in her Reddit post. She shared a story that happened at her office. A lady dropped off her 13-year-old dog at the vet for the whole day before it was euthanized in the evening. Although the staff there took good care of the dog, it was scared, confused, and started to cry. The poor dog knew better than anyone else what was happening, which made it feel depressed.

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In her post, OP wanted to stop people from doing that again with their own pets. It's animal cruelty, and it's inhumane. In response, netizens agreed with her. They even shared the stories of their own pets to show people how important it is to stay with their dogs in their last moments. Here are some of their stories.


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