People Shared About What Caused Everyone To Mass Quit At Work, And You May Not Expect Some Of These

Throughout the past year, people quitting en masse has become a critical issue. Fairly to say, the Great Resignation is something of the inevitable. The cost of living has increased significantly while the wage stayed pretty much the same, if not reduced. Not just that, the working environment has changed in a worse way, causing stress and dissatisfaction to employees in almost all fields of work.
We have thoughts and feelings. When not just you but multiple people quit all at once, that is for sure not a bad idea. So when u/PegBundysBonBons asked "What happened at your work which caused multiple people to all quit at once?" many people shared their stories of resigning en masse. Many of them didn't even hide their happiness when they didn't work for that sh*tty company/job any longer. That's good. Life is not suffering, so let's not make it like that.


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