Married People Share 20 Fights They Keep Having Over And Over

Thought that when people get married, they'll live together in harmony until the very end, but it's not. Yes, happily ever after is true, to some extent, but it doesn't have a thing about arguments. A couple can love each other to the deepest part of their heart and yet still bicker over trivial stuff here and there. Well, sometimes we see these minor conflicts and arguments as the spice of love. And yes, they are.
Attorney, advocate, and authorĀ Rabia Chaudry set out on a mission to discover the stupidest and most meaningless arguments married couples "just cannot and will not stop having." Well, some of these answers will surely surprise you. Never close the drawer, never squish the sponge, and a myriad of other ridiculous trivia. We believe that you may find yourself in some of these answers. So, let's check them out.


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