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Parents Shared How They Reacted When They First Saw Their Newborn Babies, And It’s Oddly Hilarious

So, you probably heard people saying that “newborn babies are angels of this world.” Well, that really makes us think that a newborn baby must be so cute with little chubby arms and legs, big eyes, and a joyful smile. Believing in this, many parents have been through cry-laughing experiences when they saw their newborn for the first time.

Newborn babies are the most beautiful creatures on earth, they say. You’ll immediately fall in love with them, they say. From my own experience, I was born looking like a little monkey, with dark and wrinkled skin. My mom couldn’t stop telling me how funny I looked at that time. So, newborn babies are actually not that heavenly, beautiful angels, most of them. And when a Reddit user asked parents on Reddit about how they reacted to their newborn’s appearance, people replied with their hilarious stories.


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