Cringe-Worthy Moments When People Had Absolutely No Idea Who They Were Dealing With

The internet is like an unforgiving wilderness. You need to be very careful to stay alive in such a hostile environment. Why? People tend to be very judgy. And if they find you saying something not-so-true, they'll not hesitate to call you out and burn you to a crisp. So, choose your words wisely. Otherwise, nothing can protect you if people decide to set your words on fire.
That being said, however, many people are like fearless adventurers. They think that they know more than others and proceed to act accordingly, demeaning others to put themselves up and above. But like, if they do have something to be boastful about, then it's somewhat reasonable. However, these people usually don't even have a thing to start with. We think that they just enjoy judging and humiliating others. Things are not always easy, though. Sometimes, they pick the wrong opponents and put themselves in awkward situations. Well, arrogance will never bring a good result. Scroll down and check out the list below to see how these people got shut down when they messed with the wrong opponents.

#1 How more educated can she get?

#2 The ultimate fan

#3 Now that’s embarrassing

#4 Not only is she a true nerd but she gets paid for it

#5 Patronizing the professor

#6 Her moment has arrived

#7 Daddy knows best

#8 He’s right there!

#9 “Son,” that’s a burn

#10 He needs more

#11 Hopefully a joke

#12 Don’t question the master

#13 Seeing the bright side

#14 Olympian turned photographer

#15 One truth and one lie

#16 Unrecognizable

#17 Great suggestion, wrong guy to give it to

#18 Not just any ‘blogger’

#19 He is literally that guy

#20 Nice job calling out the writer

#21 A for effort

#22 Save Jesus

#23 Starting drama

#24 Give credit where credit is due

#25 She’s the artist

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