The 15 Most Powerful Wands In Harry Potter

Our mission in this post is to give you a more specific look at the most powerful wand in harry potter movies.
There is an omission if we forget to mention the role of the Wands in Harry Potter. Because the movies go around magics, spells, and curses, which are all conducted via wands. Moreover, each wand has a different type of magical power showing its owner's faction. Consequently, the audience could grasp a deeper understanding of each character.
Have you ever wondered how do the wands look like? Wands are made from different materials, such as oak, vine, or other special magical core like unicorn hair, and dragon heartstrings. Because of the dark theme in the movie, it's really hard to see them clearly. As a result, our mission in this post is to give you a more specific look at the most powerful wand in harry potter movies, including Dumbledore's Wand, The Elder Wand, etc. Scroll down and take a look at the 15 most powerful wands in Harry Potter.

The 15 Most Powerful Wand In Harry Potter

15. Mad-Eye Moody's Wand

most powerful wand in harry potterSource: Warner Bros

It's a powerful magical artifact and one that meant that Moody was always in control of a situation. Although he possessed other objects such as a staff, his wand was always his most reliable weapon.

14. Remus Lupin's Wand

powerful wand in harry potterSource: Warner Bros

It was made from cypress and unicorn hair, it may not stop him from becoming a werewolf but it has certainly aided him in his missions with the Order of the Phoenix.

13. Nymphadora Tonks's Wand

The most powerful wand in harry potterSource: Warner Bros

Her wand certainly aids her with her casting though, allowing her to become an auror and giving her the strength to side with Dumbledore and the rest of the Order. She's fought and defeated numerous Death Eaters with this wand.

12. Sirius Black

Most beautiful wand in Harry PotterSource: Warner Bros

Harry's godfather is a tough individual, having survived 12 years in one of the most dangerous places in the Wizarding World, Azkaban. Before this, Black proved himself to be a talented wizard, even mastering the art of being an animagus.

11. Newt Scamander's Wand

Best wand Harry PotterSource: Warner Bros

Newt Scamander is an experienced wizard when it comes to magical creatures and his wand has helped him in developing those skills. However, his other abilities certainly shouldn't be undervalued.

10. Lucius Malfoy's Wand

most powerful wand in harry potterSource: Warner Bros

Clearly, Malfoy was a wizard adept at the Dark Arts. Voldemort even made Lucius the leader of the Death Eaters. Throughout the books, Lucius always appeared to be lurking in the shadows, slippery as an eel. He kept his wand stored in a cane and could whip it out in a moment's notice.

9. Hermione Granger's Wand

most powerful wand in harry potterSource: Warner Bros

Despite being discriminated against often in the wizarding world because of her muggle-born heritage, Hermione has repeatedly proven how powerful and skillful she is as a witch. Her wand has obviously been a critical part of Hermione's magical education. She has helped save Harry and Ron on more than one occasion with her quick thinking and knowledge of a vast amount of spells and charms.

8. Bellatrix Lestrange's Wand

Bellatrix Lestrange's WandSource: Warner Bros

Another dragon heartstring wand must rank on this list. It is made out of walnut and comes in at 12 3/4 inches. This wand belongs to Bellatrix Lestrange, an extremely wicked witch and one of Voldemort's most devoted followers.

7. Minerva McGonagall's Wand

Minerva McGonagall's WandSource: Warner Bros

This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the wand owned by Minerva McGonagall. Her wand is made of fir and dragon heartstring and comes in at 9 1/2 inches. McGonagall's wand is clearly powerful because she is an expert and professor of Transfiguration.

6. Severus Snape's Wand

Severus Snape's WandSource: Warner Bros

Snape is an accomplished potions master and he excels at Legilimency. While we don't know exactly what Snape's wand core or wood base is, it's still apparent his wand was a faithful companion to his wizarding career until the very end. Combined with his sharp intellect and skill, it made him an inimitable wizard.

5. Voldemort's Wand

Voldemort's WandSource: Warner Bros

His wand was 13 inches long and constructed from yew (the same core as Harry's one), in addition to the phoenix feather from Fawkes. However, when faced with Harry Potter's wand, his wand was ultimately defeated by Harry's during the pivotal graveyard scene in Goblet of Fire. This is why Voldemort's wand isn't ranked higher, but it is still, undeniably, a powerful wand.

4. Harry Potter's Wand

Harry Potter's WandSource: Warner Bros

We know that Harry's wand was made from holly and contained a phoenix core from Dumbledore's bird, Fawkes. His wand shared a twin core with Voldemort's wand. But ultimately, Harry's wand appears to be the stronger of the two.

3. Gellert Grindelwald's Wand

Gellert Grindelwald's WandSource: Warner Bros

For a time, Gellert Grindelwald was actually in possession of the legendary Elder Wand. Dumbledore eventually defeated him for it. But prior to that, Grindelwald must have had another wand to get him through his magical education at Durmstrang Institute. We don't know what that wand was, but we can easily assume it was of extraordinary power.

2. Dumbledore's Wand

Dumbledore's WandSource: Warner Bros

We may not know what Dumbledore's wand was made of, but we do know it was extremely powerful. Dumbledore is known as one of the greatest wizards of all time. He was so strong that even Voldemort himself was fearful of the man. Dumbledore was able to perform magic never seen before by anyone else in the books.

1. The Elder Wand

most powerful wand in harry potter Most powerful wand in Harry Potter

Source: Warner Bros

This is obviously the most powerful wand in the entire Harry Potter universe. The Elder Wand is part of the legendary Deathly Hallows along with the Cloak of Invisibility and the Resurrection Stone. Even Voldemort himself coveted the Elder Wand.
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