25 Horrible Experiences That Made These People Swear To Never Do Again

Okay, during about 70 years of an average person's lifespan, no one wants to live a boring life. You have roughly 20 years of repeatedly going to school and then the next 30 years of going to work every day. If you've ever stopped to think about that, you'll see how monotonous life can be if we don't do anything to stir it up. You only live once. That's why people are always seeking new destinations, new experiences, and new people to add more colors to their lives.
Sure, who would decline the invitation to try out a new experience? Like or don't like, the only way to find the answer is to give it a try. And, well, it doesn't always end well. Sometimes people try out new things only to make sure that it'll be the only time they do it, no more. Some experiences are so terrible that they make people swear to never do it again. Scroll down to find out what it is.

#1 Rent a car while visiting NYC

Source: undead_opossum

#2 Assume that every co-worker is a friend

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#3 Settling for a relationship knowing you are not really happy. Never. Again

Source: Selthix

#4 I was a server for 5 years. It was fun most of the time but God Almighty, the worst customers could drive a person to murder

Source: Prossdog

#5 Go to Times Square for New Year's Eve, looks great on TV, not great in person unless you pay to get in the walled-off area

Source: Newfounder8

#6 Swim in the sea at night whilst drunk. Nearly drowned

Source: MrCasterSugar

#7 Go to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day. Shoulder-to-shoulder people, insane lines, and nothing special I couldn’t see earlier in the month

Source: mGreeneLantern

#8 Now I always pee before cutting jalapeno peppers. The other way around, never again

Source: Jinzot

#9 I refuse to ever do retail again, people are literally such assholes and don’t realize you're trying to help them and still get their job done

Source: Sufficient_Back_3156

#10 Childbirth and the postpartum period. Love my daughter to death. One and done

Source: Alarming-Quarter-396

#11 Getting attached too quickly to someone that wanted me first. Getting played by someone like that is a different kind of pain. If you lost interest make it more obvious geez

Source: agaho

#12 Pulling an all-nighter. Age is catching up on me

Source: lividguitarist

#13 Binge drink. I used to go on benders for a week or two. Now I barely ever drink

Source: Jhellams83

#14 3 1/2 hour jungle hike with almost no water and wearing only a bathing suit and water shoes.I didn't do this by choice but was more or less forced into it and it SUCKED

Source: KnockMeYourLobes

#15 Stay at a job I’m unhappy at

Source: Apprehensive_Let_843

#16 Camping by a river that was flooded by melting snow from an area that was 6 hours away and having to be heli-rescued. It was f*cking embarrassing

Source: BonfireFanatic

#17 Bungee jump.. as soon as my feet left the edge all I could think was "well that was stupid"...It was exciting and probably safe enough.. but it was enough for me to know I will never willingly do that again

Source: halversonjw

#18 Working in academia - left two years ago and never looking back. F*ck that noise


#19 Smoke. Did it for 14 years. I feel so much better having quit. Been about 10 years since and the amount of money saved and the smell and the cough

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#20 Work at McDonald's. Never again... Never again

Source: wolfeyes555

#21 Speed (amphetamine). The high doesn’t feel like a high but everyone around you can see that you are out of your mind. And the comedown was the only time where I truly wanted to die. Absolutely horrible. For reference I’ve taken lots of other drugs and experienced different comedowns, nothing compared to that

Source: T8_Thpinal

#22 Swim with dolphins. They’re fast, large animals and we don’t belong in open water

Source: dooogall

#23 Any job involving tech support or customer service

Source: djb2589

I'll starve before I deal with entitled older people who demand the latest technology but refuse to learn how to actually use their new technology and expect the world to bend over backward to satisfy their unrealistic demands. Half of them don't think plugging in their TV is a requirement before calling and screaming that "this darnedest, useless smart tv doesn't even want to come on and I've tried EVERYTHING! My old dumb TV lasted 40 years and never had a problem, now tell your boss, Mr. Netflix, to send me a new TV and give me a refund!

#24 Food challenges. I tried eating a 1kg steak once and almost threw up. That was my first and last food challenge

Source: p15i

#25 Birthing without an epidural. I had laughing gas instead. Made me high as a kite. I screamed in pain while I was dissociating into space

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