Top 23 Funniest, Most Interesting Shower Thoughts Of The Week

Studies have shown that human brains do experience an enlightening moment of big ideas at particular times of the day, for instance, in early morning or evening hygiene routines. Because some activities we do in the morning or evening, such as exercising, listening to music, or taking warm showers, can create Dopamine, a chemical in your brain that helps it work smoothly and more logically. That's why you can often come up with the smartest, most creative thoughts when you take a shower.
And you know, there's an entire Subreddit about these brilliant shower thoughts. This is a place where people share the most interesting ideas that come to their minds while they're enjoying their lovely bathrooms. Some of them are really cool and definitely good enough to receive your compliments. Have a look at the twenty-three photos below, and tell us your feeling in the comment.


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