The 15 Most Powerful Spells In Harry Potter You Should Know

Below are the 15 most powerful spell in harry potter. Falling in several different categories – including, but not limited to charms, jinxes, hexes,....
In our era, it is undeniable that most people have heard the name Harry Potter, which points out how prevalent the movie is. There are several reasons for that success. Firstly, the movies are mostly based on the original same-name story, followed by having a huge amount of fans. Moreover, they have used high-tech cinematic effects in the movies. Consequently, scenes in the movies could be illustrated more vividly, and fans could have their eyes and ears satisfied.
One factor that was optimized by using cinematic is the Spells. Yes, do not underestimate that because their role in the moves is showing how powerful wizards, characteristics are. Falling in several different categories – including, but not limited to charms, jinxes, hexes, and curses – spells become incredible weapons in the hands of skilled wizards. Below are the 15 most powerful spells throughout Harry Potter.

15. Expelliarmus Can Make Wands Change Allegiances

most powerful spell in harry potterSource: Warner Bros Studio

Expelliarmus, known as the Disarming Charm, isn't an incredibly dangerous spell in itself. Expelliarmus is very popular in dueling and is Harry Potter's trademark spell, precisely because it doesn't rely on the damage it does to the caster's opponent

14. Sectumsempra Is A Dark Severing Curse That Resists Healing Magic

Most Powerful Spells In Harry PotterSource: Warner Bros Studio

Sectumsempra is a dark severing curse far deadlier than spells of a similar nature. Its name roughly translates into 'cut forever', a reference to its very specific side-effects. Limbs severed with Sectumsempra can't be regrown.

13. Obliviate Is Deceptively Insidious In Power

Most Powerful Spells In Harry PotterSource: Warner Bros Studio

Despite being incredibly dangerous, Obliviate isn't viewed in a negative light, as it's necessary to keep Muggles from finding out the truth about the Wizarding World.

12. Finite Incantatem's Effects Are Relatively Minor, But Exponentially Cumulative

Source: Warner Bros Studio

Finite Incantatem, also known as the General Counter-Spell, has little to no impact on magical effects generated by powerful spells. However, it is notably useful when it comes to minor charms and hexes

11. The Imperius Curse Can Take Over Its Victim's Mind

7 most powerful spells in harry potterSource: Warner Bros Studio

The Imperius is a spell that attacks the mind. However, it is far more potent. One of the three Unforgivables, Imperius allows the caster to take complete control of the victim.

10. The Cruciatus Curse Causes Unbearable Pain To Its Target

Harry Potter spellsSource: Warner Bros Studio

Cruciatus causes unbearable pain to the target. The agony is so horrifying that, if the curse keeps being cast for more than a few minutes, its victims become catatonic.

9. Dumbledore's Force Spell Affects The Environment Around It

The most powerful spell in Harry PotterSource: Warner Bros Studio

The Duel in the Ministry Atrium is arguably one of the most exceptional displays of ingenuity in the Harry Potter franchise, pitting two magical powerhouses against each other. Dumbledore outright refuses to resort to the Unforgivable Curses, which Voldemort views as a sign of weakness.

8. The Unbreakable Vow Can Go Horribly Wrong If Cast Improperly Or Without Conviction

Harry Potter light spellSource: Warner Bros Studio

The Unbreakable Vow is accessible to anyone who wishes to partake in a magically bound mutual agreement. However, the potency of this spell extends deep into the magical territory — those who break the conditions of the Unbreakable Vow are killed on the spot, quite like Avada Kedavra.

7. The Fidelius Charm Hides A Secret Inside The Keeper's Soul

Source: Warner Bros Studio

It is first used by the Potters when they go into hiding with their son Harry. To ensure the safety of their location, the secret is hidden in the soul of their trusted friend Peter Pettigrew. Unfortunately, their Secret Keeper betrays them, leading to their deaths at Voldemort's hands.

6. Fiendfyre Creates Uncontrollable Living Flames

most powerful spell in harry potterSource: Warner Bros Studio

Fiendfyre creates a storm of fire in the shape of rampaging animals. The spell is notoriously difficult to control, but its power can even destroy Horcruxes.

5. Expecto Patronum Summons A Powerful Protector

Source: Warner Bros Studio

It is said that dark wizards cannot cast this spell, and merely making the attempt would cause them to be eaten by maggots. The spell can also be used to convey messages. The only Death Eater capable of casting the Patronus Charm is Severus Snape.

4. Protego Diabolica Burns Away The Caster's Enemies

Source: Warner Bros Studio

In the script, Protego Diabolica is described as black, but the movies portray it as a light blue. The spell kills Leta Lestrange at the end of the movie. Enhanced into a gigantic dragon, it would have destroyed Paris, if not for the combined efforts of Newt and Theseus Scamander, Tina Goldstein, Nicolas Flamel, and Yusuf Kama.

3. Unsupported Flight Is Nothing Less Than A Magical Revolution

most powerful spell in harry potter Most powerful spell in harry potter

Source: Warner Bros Studio

Lord Voldemort becomes the first person to unlock the magical secrets behind Unsupported Flight, as seen for the first time in The Deathly Hallows. There are a few commonalities between this spell and the plethora of Levitation Charms available for use, but the discovery of Unsupported Flight is nothing less than a magical revolution.

2. Avada Kedavra Is The Ultimate Unforgivable Curse

most powerful spell in harry potterSource: Warner Bros Studio

It is impossible to block through any kind of shield charm, though it can be dodged or stopped through the use of physical barriers. The only clear weapon against Avada Kedavra is sacrificial magic powered by love, as demonstrated by Lily Potter's rescue of her son, Harry.

1. The Mirror Of Erised Charm

most powerful spell in harry potter Most powerful spell in harry potter

Source: Warner Bros Studio

The Mirror of Erised is an essential plot point in The Philosopher's Stone, framing Harry's longing for family in the context of his larger responsibilities. The charm that imbues this object with its desire-manifestation properties is lost to history.
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