We All Have Rough Days, This Time I'm Just Glad Because It's Them, Not Me

Humans are weird. Sometimes we cry over other people's business but seem rather calm when the same thing happens to us. And sometimes, we get frustrated at a certain mistake we make but can't stop laughing when people do that, too. Fairly to say, a mistake is fun when it happens to others. Like, watching people suffer from their absent-mindedness and carelessness makes us feel like we're at least better than some people in this world. Ah yes, that's good!
Of course, no one is immune to mistakes. So, a failure is always awaiting. And sooner or later, it'll come to get you. But lucky you, this time it's not your turn to have a rough day, but theirs. So, it's important to enjoy the time when it happens to someone else.

#1 The only path back to my room is blocked by cute but incredibly angry sea lions

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#2 That looks like it hurt

Source: k41zo_

#3 Moved to Australia and was warned about the snakes and spiders. I give you a single ant bite

Source: NefariousMuppet

#4 I love my husband. I love cheese. Brian, what the fck?!

Source: bunkerbash

#5 The plane I just boarded. The flight attendant didn’t seem worried, but, I am

Source: HeyIAmMrsNesbit

#6 Not mine (saw on 9gag), but man that’s sucks

Source: Saphhiroth

#7 First blowout on my 11-year-old Camry, 3 swollen nuts so I couldn’t get them out and it’s raining outside and I’m on the highway

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#8 School has a serious leaking problem, my teacher lives in the fear that the plastic will break and spill on her

Source: xdarkstarr

#9 Absolutely shattered...

Source: skeetac

#10 On vacation with my kid: I went to check-in at 2:30 and my hotel asked I come back in an hour to pick up my key cards because my room wasn’t quite ready. I came back to a line that literally spanned a city block, with 100 more people behind me. They had only ONE single working bathroom and no water

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#11 No, officer, I’m not a drug iv user, I just found out I’m allergic to the adhesive tape my doctor used

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#12 Was getting ready for bed, walked into my bedroom to this

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#13 Guy at Worked dropped so much Oil we got invaded by the US Government

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#14 She has separation anxiety

Source: Aubu

#15 I’m a videographer and today I’m working at a women’s conference. As there are only women here they converted the men’s bathroom into a second women’s bathroom. The only problem is that there is one guy here. Me. And I really need to pee

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#16 Testing out our new printer. Left the room for 5 minutes and came back to this

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#17 Bought a PS5 for my son’s birthday. Someone at UPS swapped it out with a rock

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#18 Found it like this just when I wanted to go home after school

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#19 Neighbor just got a Supra a few weeks ago

Source: wykdtr0n

#20 What I asked for vs what I got. $400 and I feel like an idiot

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