When Funny Dads Take Parenting To A Whole New Level, Shown In 24 Pics

Believe it or not, moms and dads take care of their babies differently because of their different understanding of what parenting should be like. While moms are often more protective and careful when it comes to looking after a child, dads tend to have more fun playing the parenting game. Therefore, the way dads take care of their babies can be something so hilarious and sometimes, enjoyable.
The typical dad's humorous and creative parenting are iconic, and you can easily see an example of it when you go on the streets or sit on your couch at home surfing Facebook, Reddit, or Instagram. Today, we compile twenty-four dads who take parenting to a whole new level. Looking at these pictures, you'll be stunned how these dads can come up with the most creative ideas ever. If you love our post, please give us a like and share.

#1 "So my friend got her phone taken away and her dad slid this under her door"

Source: bailee_xox

#2 A smart dad

Source: KendalPeifer

#3 Easy game!

Source: FrostyFreezey

#4 LOL

Source: ElenaRehberg

#5 "Asked my husband how everything was going, he sends me this"

Source: FrostyFreezey

#6 How is this achieved?

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#7 Love this pic

Source: FrostyFreezey

#8 "Sometimes you get a playpen to keep the kid out!"

Source: MightyMaddie

#9 You are a good dad

Source: FrostyFreezey

#10 When a dad is left alone to take care of his baby

Source: TaylorSatine

#11 So what does it feel like to be a father of 5 girls?

Source: FrostyFreezey

#12 When your daughter has a "cool" outfit but you don't

Source: FrostyFreezey

#13 Imma do this with my baby

Source: didlydadly

#14 "My friend ran out of lunch bags and his dad is a cop..."

Source: AJBrave

#15 Parenting at its finest

Source: Pusay_Slay3r_69

#16 Dad being dad

Source: earphone4

#17 Kid: "How can I always stay by your side?" Dad: *like this*

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#18 Work smarter, not harder

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#19 Some dads are really masters of sarcasm

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#20 Enjoy the tea party!

Source: naomicue

#21 Remember!

Source: FrostyFreezey

#22 Girl: "Do I look happy now?"

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#23 "The devil is working hard but those little hairs are working harder"

Source: pipipia_

#24 "My attempt at babysitting"

Source: daedalus_78

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