Digital "Wizards" Recreate Renaissance Classic Paintings With Modern Celebrities, The Results Are Incredible

The term "Renaissance" refers to a period in European history that runs roughly from the end of the 14th century to the middle of the 15th century. The Renaissance as a cultural movement saw the flourishing of Latin and vernacular literature, beginning with the revival of classical studies, the development of drawing, and the properties and techniques for a more natural representation of reality in the fine arts, as well as a gradual but universal educational reform. But does it mean we must travel back in time to encounter familiar characters in this era?
Obviously, there isn't any necessity. Because artists from the old site Worth1000 (now Design Crowd) joined in a Modern Renaissance photoshop contest. The aim of this competition is to recreate iconic Renaissance artworks in a more modern style.
Familiar celebrities may be found, such as Angelina Jolie, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Orlando Bloom, but with the brushstrokes of great Renaissance artists.
There were originally 78 photos in total but we will only show 30 of the most appreciated by viewers. If you are curious to see a new version of Renaissance classical paintings, keep scrolling down and enjoy.

#1 Leonardo Dicaprio

Renaissance classical paintings, Leonardo DicaprioSource: lefleau

Originally, one of Rembrandt's numerous Self-Portraits (1660).

#2 Scarlett Johansson

Renaissance classical paintings, Scarlett JohanssonSource: malditoamo

Originally, it was a picture by Alonso Sánchez Coello called Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia.

#3 Angelina Jolie

Renaissance classical paintings, Angelina JolieSource: ingelas

Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun's Portrait of a Young Woman (1797). Madame Lebrun was a well-known late-eighteenth-century French portrait painter. In general, her style was influenced by characteristics found in the post-Rococo and Neoclassical periods. She was Marie Antoinette's portrait painter, and as a result, she established a reputation that led to her being patronized by European nobility and being elected to art academies in ten cities.

#4 Natalie Portman

Renaissance classical paintings, Natalie Portman, Natalie PortmanSource: underworth

Lord Frederick Leighton first painted Biondina (1879).

#5 Helena Bonham Carter

Renaissance classical paintings, Helena Bonham CarterSource: metagraphika--web-agency

#6 Emma Watson

Renaissance classical paintings, Emma WatsonSource: netodark2012

We see a portrait by William-Adolphe Bouguereau titled Avant le Bain, which was painted in 1900. (Before the bath). Bouguereau was a French academic painter who specialized in realistic genre paintings, with a focus on the female human form.

#7 Uma Thurman

Uma ThurmanSource: angelomilfastos

#8 Penélope Cruz

Penélope CruzSource: worth1000-user

#9 Taylor Swift

<a href=Taylor Swift" />Source: fisane

It is based on Edwin Georgi's (American, 1896–1964) painting "In the Shade" as an original painting.

#10 Sylvester Stallone

Source: frogman12834

Originally, one of Rembrandt's numerous Self-Portraits (1660).

#11 Woody Harrelson

Source: cheapshotinc

#12 Orlando Bloom

Source: pshoudini

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, also known as Raphael, created the original Portrait of a Man.

#13 Amanda Seyfried

Source: drhrach

The portrait of Empress Maria Alexandrovna (1857) by Franz Xaver Winterhalter is used here. Maria Alexandrovna was involved with several charity organizations in Russia, notably the Red Cross. Schools and colleges for females were established throughout the country as a result of her efforts. However, due to her precarious health, she had a very guarded life, particularly in her later years. She is seen in the photograph nicely dressed in opulent clothing. There is also a little tilt of the head and a serious stare, indicating the Empress's immersion in her own internal world.

#14 Michelle Pfeiffer

Renaissance classical paintingsSource: pcysmith

Adélade Labille-1785 Guiard's self-portrait, Self-Portrait with Two Pupils - is seen here. This work of art was created during a time when women had very little influence and were rarely employed in jobs other than that of a housewife. Adelaide is seen in the artwork while she is painting, while her two students (both of whom are female) look over her shoulder in admiration. In some ways, the painting is a proclamation of Adelaide's pride in her trade and her own skill. The artwork conveys a strong statement about altering women's roles, the right to seek higher education and creative freedom. Adelaide was successful in reserving four spaces at the French Academy of Painting and Sculpture for women.

#15 Helena Bonham Carter

Renaissance classical paintings, Emma WatsonSource: podesta67

It is not difficult to recognize that this painting is restored from the classic painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

#16 Amy Winehouse

Renaissance classical paintings, Amy WinehouseSource: devilmoon

#17 Avril Lavigne

Renaissance classical paintings, Avril LavigneSource: netodark2012

#18 Robin Williams

Renaissance classical paintings, Robin WilliamsSource: mandrak

The Portrait of Jakob Muffel by the German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer is dated 1526. One of Nuremberg's dignitaries was the focus of the painting. The purpose of the portrait was not to create an idealized representation of Muffel, but to show him as realistically as possible. The inscription reads: EFFIGIES JAKOBI MVFFEL AETATIS SVAE ANNO LV SALVTIS VERO MDXXVI.

#19 Jack Black

Renaissance classical paintings, Jack BlackSource: bardy

#20 Keanu Reeves

Renaissance classical paintings, Keanu ReevesSource: qwertyop

Edouard Louis Dubufe's Portrait of Madame F is an oil on canvas artwork dated 1850-1851. Because of their smooth and delicate coloring and superb workmanship, Dubufe's paintings were appreciated, especially among the ladies. Although the preceding piece is really outstanding, the Peace Congress of 1856 in Paris (1857,) and The Prodigal Son (1857) are two of Dubufe's most well-known paintings (1866).

#21 Jennifer Aniston

Renaissance classical paintingsSource: mandrak

#22 Anthony Hopkins

Renaissance classical paintingsSource: ufurgger

#23 Patrick Stewart

Renaissance classical paintingsSource: jk640

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn painted An Old Man in Military Costume in oil on panel (about 1630-1631). This picture was previously known as Portrait of Rembrandt's Father. What makes this painting unique may not be visible to the naked eye. Since 1968, increasingly precise x-ray scans have shown the existence of a second artwork beneath this one. That of a young man dressed in green.

#24 Hugh Laurie

Renaissance classical paintingsSource: mandrak

Originally a painting by Jacques-Louis David, Self-Portrait from 1794.

#25 Hugh Laurie

Renaissance classical paintingsSource:

The Portrait of Alphonse Leroy by Jacques-Louis David was painted in 1783. The main subject of this artwork is Alphonse Leroy, a doctor and man-midwife. The doctor leans on a copy of Hippocrates' Morbi mulierum, a book about women's ailments, while he stares at the spectator. Next to him is a lamp (lampe à quinquet) that Leroy designed himself. The book and the light are both references to Cesare Ripa's Iconologia, which states that they are the symbols of a study.

#26 Johnny Depp

Renaissance classical paintingsSource: mandrak

Originally a Self-Portrait by Jacques-Louis David, painted in 1794.

#27 Sylvester Stallone

Renaissance classical paintingsSource: frogman12834

The original painting is one of Rembrandt's numerous Self-Portraits (1660).

#28 Donald Glover

Donald Glover

This picture combines William Sidney Mount's The Bone Player with the head of Donald Glover, an actor, comedian, producer, and musician. An African-American musician playing ivory instruments is seen in William's 1856 American artwork. It was completed five years before the Civil War.

#29 Jim Carrey

Jim CarreySource: negrosaki

It’s inspired by Rembrandt’s painting called Portrait of a Bearded Man in a Wide Brimmed Hat (1633).

#30 Amy Winehouse

Renaissance classical paintings, Amy WinehouseSource: mateusarc

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