20 Comics By This Artist That Hilariously Sum Up The Struggles Of Parenthood

Being a mom and dad is one of life's most wonderful experiences in life. How sacred and delightful it is when a little angel comes into life. Raising children, on the other hand, is not a simple task. It might be the hardest job in the world. Of course, parenting has its challenges, but there is also a lot of love and joy along the way. If you haven't raised a kid yet, the comics below that will show you the world of parenthood.
These comics were drawn by an architect and artist from Moldova, Inna Sacali. She has depicted both aspects of parenthood in comics in a brutally honest and entertaining way. We are confident that you might find Inna’s comics to be especially relatable and entertaining. Now, scroll down to check them out and upvote for your favs. We hope that these pics will lift your mood up.
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#1. The pregnancy clothes

inna sacali Inna sacali

Source: inna_s_art

#2. Cough cough

inna sacaliSource: inna_s_art

#3. Children in a nutshell

Source: inna_s_art

#4. Babies to do list

bored panda honest comicsSource: inna_s_art

#5. Top babies toys

my weird mom comicSource: inna_s_art

#6. You will get in soon

You will get in soonSource: inna_s_art

#7. Reality

RealitySource: inna_s_art

#8. Regular bra vs. Maternity bra

Regular bra vs. Maternity braSource: inna_s_art

#9. Instagram Vs Reality

Instagram Vs RealitySource: inna_s_art

#10. We evolved in backwards

We evolved in backwardsSource: inna_s_art

#11. Now we're going to learn a game called scrub the wall

inna sacaliSource: inna_s_art

#12. Preparation for the near future

Preparation for the near futureSource: inna_s_art

#13. Diaper? Check. Beads? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Big Shoes? Check! That's all you need!

inna sacaliSource: inna_s_art

#14. Pureness of kids

inna sacali comicsSource: inna_s_art

#15. Your tiredness

Source: inna_s_art

#16. Good luck!

inna sacali comicsSource: inna_s_art

#17. Sleep

SleepSource: inna_s_art

#18. How it really happens

How it really happensSource: inna_s_art

#19. That's how Corona ruins our lives

That's how Corona ruins our livesSource: inna_s_art

#20. Late night cravings be like...

Late night cravings be likeSource: inna_s_art

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