Entitled Mom Shames Her Cousin For Refusing To Purchase A $25 Gift For Her “Drive-By” Second Baby Shower

Different cultures celebrate pregnancy, gender reveals, and baby showers in different ways. However, no matter what customs are, giving gifts is always a preferred option when it comes to celebrating happy news, such as welcoming a baby.
Gifts are given to show the givers' love and affection to the receivers. It is not a must for any party or meeting, but it often helps to create a comfortable and happy atmosphere among people. But, what if someone takes your gift for granted?
This is what Redditor @Careless_Diamond_930 experienced ten months ago when her cousin made an outrageous demand on what gift she had to bring to her 'drive-by' second baby shower. Yes, it was a 'drive-by' not a 'party'.
In her Reddit post that attracted 4.5K upvotes, OP (original poster) shared her story in detail telling how she was talented at making hand-made blankets as children's gifts, and how her cousin refused her gifts and asked for more expensive ones (>= $25). As a student, OP said that she couldn't afford expensive gifts for her cousin's second baby's drive-by. The mom stopped talking to OP for several days, but when she texted OP that she agreed to receive the blanket, OP didn't want to attend the drive-by.
Read the full post here. Do you think that OP was wrong?

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After the story was posted on Reddit, it appeared to get a lot of attention. People responded almost the same way that forcefully receiving gifts from someone was not a good thing, and that shaming someone just because they didn’t buy you a gift was another level of idiocy. Here are some of their relations.

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