People Share Perks They Enjoyed As Kids Thanks To Their Parents' Jobs

So, did you enjoy your childhood? For me, yes, I did. I made a lot of happy memories and fun-filled experiences when I was a kid. My childhood was the afternoons when I played games with my friends. It was the times we sneaked into the abandoned houses in our neighborhood at night to see if they were haunted. And it was also the times when mom and dad brought me something from their work. That was so great. Dad worked at a bakery, so I had cookies and soft cakes year-round. Mom was a teacher in college, so she would bring me there and let me run free on the campus or read books in the library.
Regardless of financial ability, parents will always give their children the best things in life. And no matter what type of job our parents work, we will always enjoy the little perks that come with it. People down below are sharing the benefits they enjoyed as kids, thanks to their parents' jobs. And through their stories, we're sure that parents are always the coolest parents in their child's eyes.

#1 Computer games and coke? That'd be great

Source: causalinf

#2 I'd be envious of this kid

Source: wdcook12

#3 Make friends with celebs!

Source: ItsMeYorkie

#4 Free drawing paper!!

Source: rebeccarenee

#5 Kudos to that dad

Source: rickyteachey

#6 Lovely

Source: stephenkinsella

#7 It's so awesome

Source: elizabethreadsa

#8 What could be better than that?

Source: knowuh

#9 Who could resist a beautiful birthday cake?

Source: Princess_Pea

#10 Half-off tuition fee and free book

Source: BSTrainer

#11 Cool science stuff

Source: BunnyCarlos66

#12 That was Charlie Chaplin, flesh and bone

Source: AshleeMichot

#13 Wonderful journeys

Source: seamuswhite

#14 Free swimming pool access

Source: slowdawning

#15 Wow, sounds like a dreamland

Source: theFordon

#16 This person is so lucky

Source: DeNewJohn

#17 Sounds cool, indeed

Source: JDRSlapshot

#18 Love to see Space Shuttle launch

Source: SuMMeRFLi

#19 Costumes and sundaes

Source: Agentmg17

#20 Quality time

Source: DurkinSusan

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