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  1. 10 Eternals Plot Holes That Partly Ruins The Movie

10 Eternals Plot-Holes That Partly Ruins The Movie

Eternals plot holes, offers tale aspects that are difficult to accept at face value, giving the viewer puzzle pieces.
Eternals has been met with mixed reactions since its launch in November 2021. This really is unsurprising given how much the movie did accomplish in only 2 hours and 36 minutes. It aimed to bring not only a brand-new plot to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole but also almost a dozen major heroes. With so much going on, it was inevitable that some components would lead to disappointment.

10 Eternals Plot Holes That Partly Ruins The Movie

It's not like every effort succeeds, and not every vision is revolutionary. Eternals, on the other hand, offers tale aspects that are difficult to accept at face value, giving the viewer puzzle pieces.

#1 Keeping the true mission of the Eternals a secret

10 Eternals Plot Holes That Partly Ruins The Movie 10 Eternals Plot Holes That Partly Ruins The Movie
Why not tell the Eternals that the Celestials created Eternals to continue what the Deviants began? The Eternals were deceived to, which is why the truth about the emergence sounds absurd. They would have been on deck if they had been told from the start that they were providing humanity thousands of additional years to live and enabling billions of others to be created in the future. It would have eliminated the possibility of the Eternals feeling tricked and deceived. If the Eternals hadn't been duped, Thanos might have been defeated.

#2 Taking Away the Other Powers of the Eternals

10 Eternals Plot Holes That Partly Ruins The Movie

The Celestials gave each Eternal its own talents throughout the movie. Makkari has the ability to maneuver swiftly. Ajak is a shaman and a healer. Sprites have the ability to create illusions, among other things. But, since the Celestials could bestow any power on any of them, why not bestow all of these powers on each of the Eternals?
In the original comics, the Eternals acted in this manner. Each Eternal has the same abilities as everyone else, and their mastery of a particular ability was what distinguished them. The Celestials in the movie would have taken a more strategic approach if they had done so. It would have aided Eternals like Ajak and Druig, who lack offensive powers when fighting Deviants.

#3 Powers of the Eternals fluctuate in strength.

The Eternals are shown as fearsome fighters that can take a lot of damage and come away unscathed. The Deviants have a similar amount of power. In superhero movies, battle sequences between powerful opponents are essential.Nevertheless, some of these situations, particularly those involving Ikaris, feel weird due to inconsistencies in the Eternals' attributes. Ikaris' eyes fire scorching rays that are forceful enough to tear the Eternals' vessel in half. He uses the same ability to blast Druig, another Eternal, and bury him deep below the Earth. Druig, on the other hand, appears to be uninjured later.

#4 The Eternals aren't supposed to get involved, yet they do

10 Eternals Plot Holes That Partly Ruins The Movie 10 Eternals Plot Holes That Partly Ruins The Movie
Early on, audiences are told that Eternals are not to interfere in humanity's life. They're solely there to safeguard mankind against unusual threats, like the Deviants. Individuals like Druig, who wishes he could persuade mankind to take less harmful ways, are weighed down by this battle. Yet, it's clear from the many glimpses that the Eternals were regularly engaged. The video also indicates that the Eternals helped humans grow technologically, as we witness Sprite weaving illusions in the night sky explaining the Eternals' journeys to Babylonian inhabitants. Phastos' remorse after seeing Hiroshima's nuclear attack indicates that they were also involved in some way. Why couldn't they have averted wars or helped progress human science if they were already invested?

#5 Thanos has every reason to confront the Eternals.

The size of a planet's population determines its emergence. This is why Deviants and Eternals were dispatched to assist mankind in reaching a size that would allow an emerging event to take place. If that's the case, why wouldn't Thanos' appearance attract the Eternals' attention?
Taking out half of all life in the cosmos throws a huge wrench in the Celestials' plans far beyond Earth. This would have an impact on countless other worlds that were harvesting young Celestials at the same time. Given that Ajak and Ikaris were aware of their actual goal, it's strange that they did nothing to stop Thanos.

#6 Battle Sequence at the End

There isn't nearly enough collateral damage as the emergence begins and the new Celestial climbs from the sea. As it shook, a creature of that scale should have created some tsunamis and maybe a tremendous earthquake. Deviants and Eternals are both puppets of Celestials, according to Kos, a recently developed Deviant. Kos, on the other hand, battles against the Eternals rather than working with them to stop the emergence. While Kos wouldn't have been able to do anything to stop the Celestial from surfacing, he would have been a huge help in keeping Ikaris away.

#7 The Murder of Ajak: the strange approach

Ikaris assassinates his leader, Ajak, after learning that she is plotting to prevent the Earth's Celestial from arising. Ikaris' execution of Ajak's murder isn't as reasonable as his dedication to the Eternals' genuine objective, which offers him a believable motivation. Since he'd only just discovered Ajak's new plot, bringing her to Alaska only so Deviants may kill her felt strangely pre-planned. It's also surprising that Ajak was unconcerned by Ikaris' peculiar conduct. Ikaris returns to the home after killing Ajak and delicately puts her body on the ground. It would have been more realistic if half of the home had been destroyed and Ajak's body had been left in a more believable spot.

#8 The State of Mah'd Wr'ry

Thena's ailment, Mah'd Wr'ry (pronounced "Mad Weary"), is one of the most fascinating story themes in Eternals. The condition arises when an Eternal's memory can no longer hold all of their memories, causing them to lose track of where they are in time. As a result of their befuddlement, they lash out at others around them.If the Eternals were live entities, this narrative would make total sense, but now that they are artificial constructs, it feels clumsy. The Celestials may have provided Eternals with extra memory storage and "RAM" to handle their memories. Even if the problem was caused only by a faulty memory wipe, the Celestials should perform a better job of double-checking their work.

#9 It Was A Mistake To Give The Eternals Free Will.

10 Eternals Plot Holes That Partly Ruins The Movie

The Celestials developed the Eternals to aid humanity's reproduction and to remedy the Deviants' disastrous attempt. The Deviants were given the mission of hunting out predators that threatened humanity's survival. Deviants misinterpreted that instruction along the road, viewing mankind as the predator that needed to be eliminated as the basic instinct.Given that their initial creation originated by accident and so went astray, it's remarkable that the Celestials gave the Eternals free will. It's plausible that the Eternals never would have abandoned their core mission if they didn't have free will.

#10 The Celestials' Designs

The realization that the Eternals are mechanical rather than biological beings is key to the movie's "great twist." Why did the Celestials construct the Eternals with particular hurdles if they wanted to produce highly intelligent and complex machines? Sprite, one of the Eternals, is imprisoned in a child's body. Her inability to "grow" makes it difficult for her to fit in, and she is forced to relocate every few years to avoid alerting suspicion. Makkari, another Eternal, is depicted as impaired hearing. Furthermore, the Celestials created all Eternals with the ability to sense suffering. While these factors contribute to the development of compassion for the characters, they are illogical from the Celestial's point of view.
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