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  1. Clever Details And Allusions In Disney Movies

Here Are Some Clever Details And Allusions In Disney Movies That You May Miss

Here Are Some Clever Details And Allusions In Disney Movies That You May Miss
For more than a decade, Disney has produced a lot of the most well-known films of all time. Whether you are a child or an adult, you will certainly have a favorite Disney film. But have you ever had "déjà vu" when watching a Disney film? Not simply "Oh, this movie has that familiar Disney look and feel," but "I swear I've seen this same moment before in another movie"?
If you've seen a number of Disney movies, you've probably noticed that the same situations or characters appear in several films. For example, Moana's dog and Mrs. Potts appear in "Tarzan," Flynn, Rapunzel, and her parents can be seen in "Frozen,"... It's awesome, right?
Fans have been pointing up many other Easter eggs that connect all the movies that Disney has ever made. Scroll down to discover the most fascinating Easter eggs from Disney films that you probably missed.

Clever Details And Allusions In Disney Movies

#1 "Zootopia" and its movies

allusions in disney moviesSource: Disney

They changed Disney animated films into films set in the Zootopia universe and starring animals. "Tangled" morphed into "Wrangled", "Moana" turned into "Meowana", and "Frozen" became "Floatzen". As you can see, the characters in each film are just as cool as the Disney ones. This is rather inventive!

#2 "Mulan" and the cast

allusions in disney moviesSource: goodhousekeeping

In "Mulan," there are many hidden details. In this photo, there are several graves in the backdrop with inscriptions on their tombstones. All of those characters are, in reality, the names of the film's authors when translated. That's a fairly fantastic method to establish a name for yourself.

#3 "The Little Mermaid" with Goofy, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse

allusions in popular moviesSource: goodhousekeeping

In the scene in "The Little Mermaid", if you look closer to the crowd there, you’ll see Goofy, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse. That's interesting!

#4 Lilo has a stitched Dumbo

allusions in disney movies allusions in disney movies

Source: constative

In "Lilo & Stick" we also see one of the characters from Disney's earlier films. It's Dumbo, the little elephant with enormous ears, this time. He waits calmly on a shelf in Lilo's room, patiently waiting for her to play with him.

#5 "Aladdin" with a pinch of Sebastian

"Aladdin" with a pinch of SebastianSource: goodhousekeeping

In "Aladdin", Genie had his finger squeezed by Sebastian, Ariel's sidekick. Sebastian's appearance had us laugh out. It's really funny!

#6 Alice and Jose Carioca in "Wonderland"

Alice and Jose Carioca in "Wonderland"Source: Disney

There's a cameo in "Alice in Wonderland". One of the jurors present in the scene, when Alice is taken to court, is Jose Carioca, the green parrot (from "Saludos Amigos" 1942).

#7 "Toy Story" and "A Bug’s Life"

"Toy Story" and "A Bug’s Life"Source: thisisinsider

Take a look at Mrs. Potato Head's photo and the book she's reading. If you look closely, you'll see that the ants in that book are the same ones from another Pixar film, "A Bug's Life".

#8 Nemo in "Brother Bear"

allusions in disney moviesSource: lifelistener

In this film, you can spot a character from a different (Pixar) movie. You can see that one of the fish that the bears trying to catch is Nemo. This is difficult to find out!

#9 "Big Hero 6" with a touch of Stich

"Big Hero 6" with a touch of StichSource: goodhousekeeping

Take a look at this photo from "Big Hero 6": Hiro standing in front of a wall. Stich, our all-time favorite alien monster, may be found on the wall if you look attentively.

#10 "Moana" with a rocky pun

Moana with a rocky punSource: 9gag

Moana‘s cast has numerous well-known actors, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Moana's rooster is always attempting to eat rocks in the film. When it meets Maui (voiced by The Rock), Hei-Hei doesn't hesitate to chew The Rock's finger. That's a fantastic pun!

#11 "Frozen" Olaf and his look-alike

"Frozen" Olaf and his look-alikeSource: indulgy

When Olaf performs his solo "In the Summer" towards the end of the film "Frozen," he sings about going on a vacation. If you look closely, you'll notice that within Olaf's cup is another Olaf made of ice cubes!

#12 "Aladdin" and Mickey

allusions in disney moviesSource: taringa

Mickey appears in "Aladdin" as well, and if you're not paying attention, you could miss it. Take a look at the image below of Rajah being converted back to her original Tiger size. Mickey Mouse's head is large and striped like a tiger. Producers at Disney are really magicians.

#13 "Hercules" and Scar

"Hercules" and ScarSource: karmadecay

Zazu is the hornbill butler in "The Lion King." Our favorite of Zazu's lines are most definitely the one where he suggests that Scar would make a good rug. That suggestion appears to have been taken into account in the film "Hercules".

#14 "The Princess and the Frog" and the carpet from "Aladdin"

Source: goodhousekeeping

This scene was exhibited for such a little period of time that you would most likely miss it if you blinked. It's Aladdin's magic carpet, as well as his travel companion.

#15 "Aladdin" and the Beast

Aladdin" and the BeastSource: lifelistener

Sultan is an adult in "Aladdin," yet he still enjoys playing with his toys. If you look closely at this scene, you'll notice one toy that seems extremely familiar. It's large, brown, and hairy, and it's rather terrifying. It's the gentle giant from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast!

#16 "Tarzan" and the Teapot

"Tarzan" and the TeapotSource: publimetro

We're very sure you missed this one: the appearance of Mrs. Potts and her teacup children in the Disney classic "Tarzan."

#17 "Zootopia" the application form

"Zootopia" the application formSource: womenadvance

A weird detail may be seen in this shot of Nick filling out his application form. He ticked the "YES" box when asked if he had been arrested previously, then changed his mind, decided to lie, and checked the "NO" option.

#18 Zootopia and the sisters

Zootopia and the sistersSource: seventeen

One of the numerous hidden aspects in "Zootopia" that you can overlook is displayed in the image above. Although there are no characters from past Disney films in this scene, there is a reference to them. Elsa and Anna's outfits are worn by the two small elephant girls.

#19 Beauty and the Beast – Gaston and his gun

allusions in disney moviesSource: cracked

Gaston is recognized as the finest gunner in "Beauty and the Beast," yet he prefers to use his bow instead. It turned out he couldn't use his gun since gun powder and water (rain) don't mix nicely. This is going to blow your mind.

#20 "Toy Story" with a touch of "Coco" and "Up"!

allusions in disney moviesSource: lifelistener

So now we know that the four "Toy Story" films are jam-packed with tiny surprises and appearances. The guitars from one of our favorite Pixar flick, "Coco," can be seen on the left. We can all recognize the Pepsi top from "Up" on the right! These concealed references are often so cunning that we would never detect them on our own.
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