20 Insane Moms And Dads Who Need Therapy

What makes a good parent? To answer this question, we need to look into what people are expected to do when they become parents. Indeed, being a parent is not easy. You need to deal with all the issues when raising a kid. Take care of them when they are little, then send them to school when they're bigger. Until they can survive on their own, you're the one to protect and make decisions in their life. While it's possibly the most rewarding thing in the life of a person, parenthood can also be quite challenging.
Well, anyway, we all need to know that being able to have children doesn't make you a good parent just yet. Most parents will try their best to give their children the best things in the world, while some seem to get lost in parenting their kids. Down below are some examples of insane parents who probably should go to a therapist. Yes, because their behaviors are downright abnormal. And the fact that they think they are doing just fine makes the situation worse. Grateful to know that our parents are on the normal side of the parenting spectrum.

#1 This is not normal!

#2 What exactly are onions supposed to ward off?

#3 No argument!

#4 I'm 22

#5 Please, make it stop

#6 It's just unbelievable

#7 What on earth? Is this even true?

#8 They will pass...

#9 For God does this

#10 Imagine getting questioned for cooking in YOUR house

#11 It's new, for sure

#12 Don't you even know?

#13 Okay, so what's going on here?

#14 Like, seriously?

#15 Surviving skills!

#16 You now know what's waiting for you

#17 Is this a re-education camp or something?

#18 How to make yourself a good parent...

#19 You're not getting better

#20 You're getting your revenge?

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