22 Of The Most Cringe-Worthy #OfficePartyFails On Twitter

An office party is one of the rare events when employees are willing to participate and won't complain if they have to stay late. With food, drinks, games, and activities, it'll be a pity if someone doesn't go. It's time for colleagues to get to know each other better and strengthen their relationships. It's also a rare time when bosses don't appear so intimidating. They can even drop some jokes to make others laugh (probably) or show their excellent dancing skill.
The atmosphere is just so good, but you know. No party is complete without some alcohol, and there we go. You remind yourself not to drink too much, or you may unexpectedly say something inappropriate. But, you may never know when you start getting a little tipsy and losing control of what you say. Lucky you, your boss may be drunk, too, so he won't remember anything. Ever experienced or witnessed things like that before? Down here, people on Twitter shared about their most hilarious office party fails they've known. We believe that you all will find it relatable so let's scroll down and check it out.

#1 It could have ended worse

Source: CutkoskyAnthony

#2 He must have been loved that gift

Source: markmosher29

#3 The falling

Source: whoopiepie10

#4 Well, this's awkward

Source: MissWriter29

#5 When the universe says no to your desire

Source: MissSchliez

#6 He did it

Source: kingedhill

#7 Hope they didn't remember anything

Source: GunnyScarehart

#8 That's epic

Source: ughhitsashley

#9 Oh guys

Source: _eizzil_

#10 It's hilarious

Source: Skyblumelon

#11 The misunderstanding

Source: abbeenelle

#12 That ultimate misfortune

Source: KasiaEmerald

#13 Go home, you're drunk!

Source: darksidedeb

#14 That's unexpected

Source: kittykaresless

#15 Cringe!

Source: abbott_lucas

#16 How lucky it was not a hole on somebody's chest

Source: rae1273

#17 How to blend in

Source: Every1SayIMBoss

#18 Guess who's back?

Source: BarneeS5

#19 Oh my god

Source: The_Danny_Boy_

#20 Lots of confusion

Source: MilesRocks108

#21 Surprise

Source: CAgirlinDCworld

#22 This is the biggest fail

Source: bigsoccerboi

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