Man Losing His Wife In Kobe Bryant Plane Crash Impresses AGT Judges With Touching Story

America's Got Talent is a famous TV show which amazes thousands of viewers with excellent and skillful performances. But recently, judges of AGT have witnessed one touching performance by Matt Mauser, who lost his wife in Kobe Bryant's plane crash.
The 51-year-old man told that he was inspired by his wife, Christina Mauser, to participate in the show after losing her. He shared their heartbreaking story while the judges were floored listening attentively.

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The couple first met in 2004. At that time, Matt was playing at a dive bar when Christina came to him and talked to him about music. Even though that was the first time they had physical contact, both felt closed, attracted, and impressed by each other. When host Terry Crews asked Matt if his wife was his biggest supporter, he answered, "absolutely."

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After twelve months, the two tied a knot in 2005 and had been in a full-of-love marriage for fifteen years before the tragic accident. They had given birth to three kids.
"She was just very humble, powerful, beautiful human being," Matt described his wife.
"We were both school teachers, and we retired from teaching so that I could do the music full-time, and she got the opportunity to coach girls basketball with Kobe Bryant,"... "But on January 26, 2020, I lost my wife in the same helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant.", he added.
"When she left that day, she kissed me and she said, 'I love you.' And that was the last thing my wife ever said to me. My whole life changed in a second."
After his wife had passed away, his focus immediately turned to their children. He knew she would have wanted him to carry on and for their children to have a happy life.

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Coming to the show, he performed his rendition of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now), which wowed the judges after that.
Watch the full performance here:

When he finished, a teary-eyed Mauser received a standing ovation from the audience. Judge Howie Mandel gave him beautiful words: "We felt your emotion, and regardless of what anyone does on that stage, if you're able to move strangers ... and we can feel it in our hearts, and I'm not only speaking of everyone at this table but everyone at home who heard that, there aren't words to describe it,"

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In response, Matt expressed his feelings: "On top of that, having to do it in front of millions of people made it nerve-racking as well. Christina was on my mind and I definitely felt her presence during the whole process." Christina, if she had been on that stage, must be very proud of her husband.
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