Parents Decides That His Ventilator Shut Off, But A Miracle Of Love Comes To Save His Life

Children are priceless treasures to parents. Although we all know that no parent would choose to harm their child, there are situations when parents have no other options. Mike Askin and his wife, Kerry, after huge efforts and hope, had to make a heartbreaking decision to switch off their son's ventilator.
Little Dylan Askin used to be in the battle with lung disease. Eighty percent of his lungs were covered by terrible cysts which showed up signs of destruction. In addition, the boy was dealing with degraded kidneys and internal bleeding. To survive, he needed the support of a ventilator. The little boy did not turn three yet, and the suffering was too much for him to bear.


t was hard for his parents to decide whether to keep him alive or let him rest in peace. The couple had frantically asked for hope from doctors, but hope was something they just could not give the family. Mike wanted to keep that ventilator on and continued waiting for the impossible… that once-in-a-lifetime miracle could come to save his son. Kerry, however, found it unbearable to see her little sweetheart being tortured by the pain. She decided to put her son's ventilator down.

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On Easter last year, the whole family gathered at the hospital. Dylan's older brother, his grandparents, some aunts, and cousins were there to say the last words to the brave boy. They were not ready to let him go, but they were well aware that it must happen.
Without holding back tears, his grandfather knelt down, telling the boy he would buy him a bunch of candy if he would hurry and get better. Just after that, doctors appeared in the room with good news to share with the family. Dylan’s most recent blood tests got some improvements. Although the family felt shocked, they were relieved that God still gave their son a second chance.

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Six months passed by, Dylan continued being treated for his disease. His condition became better, and the boy had the ventilator taken off soon. Now, Dylan is healthy and playful. Miracles are happening in our life to show us that nothing is impossible. Never give up your hope and fight for your dream, as it will come true one day.
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