30 Fascinating Photos That Reveal The Unseen Side Of Our World

As we get older, we become less and less excited about the world. When we were kids, everything looked new to us. We could spend the whole day playing around the neighborhood, searching, and doing expeditions. Now, we're all grown adults, we have seen so many things, and we are all busy with other stuff like relationships and careers. So, it's pretty hard to find something that can pique our interest and revive our curiosity.
It's actually not that hard to make your day more exciting. The world shows us one side of everything, and we often forget to check out the other lesser-known side. Like, we all know that an iceberg is white, but not totally. The underwater part of an iceberg is light blue. Or we have seen rainbows a lot, but have you ever seen a rainbow at night? And well, its color is also different. Down below is a collection of fascinating and rarely seen objects, beings, occurrences, and everything that will bring out the curious child inside you. Let's scroll down to check it out.

#1 A little butterfly with transparent wings

Source: flightoffancy85

#2 This is a pistachio plant. Those look like a beautiful bunch of roses or tulips

Source: unknown

#3 My dad got a periodic table with the actual elements in it

Source: Thatssomefreakyshit

#4 My nails pushing the chemo out of my fingertips

Source: llowreyy

#5 Highway to heaven. 30-second long exposure of airliner departing from runway

Source: Jimmy_Scrambles

#6 The forests of Aspen, Colorado. The contrast is impressive

Source: d3333p7

#7 Nappies in Sweden have a father on the packaging

Source: caspii2

#8 Not regular eggs but ice eggs, formed when ice is rolled over by wind and water

Source: rismatti

#9 The shoreline in the Persian Gulf glows up in blue bioluminescent light of phytoplanktons


#10 Prosthetic hand that looks like Wolverine's claws

Source: Rewster27

#11 Surreal beauty of an albino peacock

Source: PepeTheFRQG

#12 You guess. It's not a painting, just an iceberg flipped upside-down

Source: unknown

#13 This is what a sunset on Earth looks like from above

Source: Astro_Alex

#14 Spotted a rainbow cloud from my balcony. Not as beautiful as Aurora but pretty rare to see such phenomena in India

Source: Readingislove

#15 You can clearly see the melodies when the temperature drops

Source: Kathrin Swoboda Photography

#16 The sun hit this freshly-paved tarmac just right and made a real-life Rainbow Road through polarized lenses

Source: kenziemonsterrawr

#17 Jimbacrinus bostocki fossils. Does anyone think that those creatures were from The Matrix?

Source: Tom Kapitany

#18 What a piece of 10,000-year-old glacial ice looks like

Source: landofice

#19 This is Snowball, an extremely rare leucistic alligator

Source: nathan.sweeting

#20 This pencil store in Tehran, Iran. Feel like Olivanders, but for artists


#21 Astronaut Bruce McCandless floating away from the safety of the space shuttle. He had nothing but his manned maneuvering unit keeping him from drifting into the unknown. First-person in history to do something like this


#22 This red only rainbow I saw at midnight in Finland

Source: junn0

#23 A jade (Mallard) duck

Source: Reddit

#24 My cactus grows quite a strange-looking flower

Source: 7-methyltheophylline

#25 We got these giant screws in at work today for mounting solar panels

Source: smokeymctokerson

#26 This little lizard is literally standing on the water in my pool

Source: bastard_jon_snoo

#27 In case you have not seen what a clump of DNA looks like

Source: ssmunif

#28 Giant puffball mushroom my sister found in the woods

Source: kfranky

#29 Ants gutted my almond to make their own almond flour

Source: Buford-T-Justis

#30 This apple's flesh is the same color as its skin

Source: KirasStar

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