10+ Things About Men That Women Probably Don't Understand

Gender. It's not just a biological feature to put on your ID card. That's the difference dividing this world into two halves, one for men and one for women. And you know, we understand the ones who are like us much better than people of the opposite gender. So, when a man and a woman make a couple, they'll have quite a time to learn and get to know what their partner wants.
In a relationship, the woman usually is the one who talks, and the man will listen. And yet, it's not that the man doesn't have anything to say. Well, men are not good at expressing their thoughts, at least the majority of them are. There are many things they want to tell, but usually, they'll end up keeping them in their minds only. So, when the chance came, men of Reddit opened up about the things they wished their women to know, matters in life, relationships, and beyond. Let's scroll down to see what they keep in their minds.


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